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Postby BaileyBoy » 21 Mar 2010, 18:08

Hi all. I'm another new member. We've got Bailey who is a lovely rescue boy, and don't know too much about him. We've had him for 5 months, and we are still trying to work out what he is. Definitely a bit Retriever and possibly a bit Spaniel??? Gradually getting the training sorted, but he does have a tendency to be a bit headstrong at times, even treats aren't always interesting enough. :dogrun: Have at last managed to sort out his recall about 90% of the time, providing he doesn't get distracted, far better than the first time he was off the lead and ran away for 45 mins, and only managed to get him back with the help of some other wonderful owners whose dogs were more interesting than me!!!
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Postby Richard » 21 Mar 2010, 20:13

ahhhhh other owners and dogs.......

they only do it cos they know the embaressment is so much worse for you when other owners are about......
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Postby janz » 24 Mar 2010, 00:44

Heehee, know the feeling well, our newbie dog is 9 too, so dont know how I'll redo that habit. :supergrin: :welcome:
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