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Postby maureen » 26 Jul 2011, 14:05

hi my name is maureen.I have 2 dogs riley is almost 3 and a shiu tzu/yorkie cross maggie is almost 2 and a jack russel/poodle?
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Re: hello

Postby ski1 » 27 Jul 2011, 12:05

Hi Maureen and welcome to you, Riley and Maggie :welcome:

This forum is a bit quiet at the moment but reading some of the old posts is still very interesting and informative.

I'm looking forward to seeing pictures of your two, they both sound like they should be very cute :)
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Re: hello

Postby janz » 31 Jul 2011, 21:03

Yep, its quiet but theres plenty of posts with help for different problems, and a few dropping by to check for new posts!

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