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Postby shayne77 » 13 Jan 2012, 19:54

hi guys,
we are new to this, we have recently rehommed "brynn" who we are told is whats called a hind 57? not sure if this right.
he is 1yr old and adorable although we had a few teething problems when we first picked him up, him trying to play alpha, he has settled in fantastic.
i will polst pics once i work out how to do it, im a bit of a technophobe lol

Shayne, Lisa and family
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Re: new member

Postby LeviBevi » 15 Jan 2012, 22:24

HI Shayne, Lisa and family

the saying is a Heinz 57 - meaning he is a real mixture of everything!

These dogs are often very robust and have a good temperment - some of my best have been Heinz!

wishing you all the best and can not wait to see your pics!

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Re: new member

Postby Jomarie » 23 Oct 2012, 12:51

Hi,nice to meet you,we have just given a new home to Holly,she is a Heinz 57 too.....good luck with yours,look forward to seeing your photo..took me ages to figure out how to do it too ... Jo x
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Re: new member

Postby Martin » 03 Nov 2012, 15:30

Welcome to the forum Shayne, I did have a sneaky chuckle when you said you have a Hind 57 :D (I went looking for my breed guides for a second :D)
So long as he is a pedigree Hind57 then you got a good deal :mrgreen:
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