Encouraging Pup to ASK for toilet

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Encouraging Pup to ASK for toilet

Postby Targle » 20 May 2012, 07:38

Hi all.

I was on here quite regulalry a while ago, with my puppy Badger, a German Spitz. He is a great dog now.

So great we decided to get another, Betty, his half sister. She is now nearly six months.

Now Badger has never really Barked or whined when he needed to go out, he would just casually look over his shoulder at us. He was a pain in many ways as a pup so it didn't cause any problems as we always had to have a lot of attention on him anyway.
With Betty though, we haven't made so many minstakes and she has Badger to set a good example.

But she doesn't bark or whine to go out either.
She does go to the back door and look out. She too will look longingly at you from the door. But if you don't notice, she just goes.

She goes out for No. 2 as soon as she has eaten
At any time you can take her out for No. 1 and say Wee, Wee. she will go, even if just a little one.
But we have two children, one 5 and one two. they are quite distracting and although we aim to take Betty out every hour we sometimes miss. Thats when she goes inside.

It would be much easier if she was a bit more insistent and vocal.

(of course German Spitz's are known in german as Mistbella - translates to Dung Heap Barking dog. In all other areas of their existance the trick is to teach them not to bark - we are teaching her to Speak).

In terms of general training and obedience she is doing quite well. She has a variety of tricks that she can do. She will lay down in her corner and wait whilst we eat our meals and she doesn't jump up at strangers or play bite with our children.
Although she and badger do like to play fight with each other a lot. We don't allow it in the house, we make them both sit down seperatly until they have relaxed. Which works for an indeterminate period of time.
They walk off the lead every day.

I know that this isn't the biggest behavioural problem in the world and that some dogs don't really get house training till they are 1. But any ideas would be apprieciated
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