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Routine Advice

Postby Oggy76 » 07 Aug 2008, 15:52

Hi Everyone,

I am knew to the forum and I was hoping to get some advice if possible.

We are getting a new puppy next Saturday and I am just trying to purchase everything I need in preperation and to try and organise a routine for when the pup arrives. He will be 8 weeks old when we get him.

I have got a few things already organised such as lead, collar, dog tag, bedding, toys etc and I have also purchased a crate which pup will sleep in at night in the kitchen.

My main queiry is trying to get a routine sorted for the day, I work from an upstairs office at home so am around all day and will have pup with me upstairs most of the day. He he will have a bed in my office, his crate in the kitchen and also a bed in the front room.

I was planning on having pup with me all morning upstairs and then in the afterrnoon either letting him play outside for a bit on his own or if the weather isn't so good leaving him in the kitchen for a while to play and slowly but surely over a few weeks/months increasing the time he is left on his own in the afternoon so he becomes used to his own company. Does that sound the right thing to do?

We also live in a very open plan house so it will be difficult to limit which part of the kitchen, dining room, back room etc he can play in when left indoors. I was thinking of purchasing a puppy play pen for the early days as we have a leather sofa and tv etc in this area of the house..(lots to chew!)..again do you think a play pen is a wise idea?

I am really open to any suggestions regarding the best way to get pup used to a routine and getting used to his own company etc.

As you may have guessed this is our first dog so I am really keen to get things right from the start

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Many Thanks

Oggy76 :D
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Postby trouble » 08 Aug 2008, 08:10

My initial reaction is, firstly working upstairs and having the pup with you sounds a long way from the back door. Young dogs need frequent toilet breaks and speed is of the essence. Unless your training him to go on puppy pads you probably need to rethink. They are not usually fully reliable until about 20 weeks, even those that get it really quickly still have the odd accident.
Puppies thrive on interaction with their owners so putting outside to play on his own again is questionable. That doesn't mean he has your attention 24/7 as young dogs need to sleep, quite a lot actually, although pups don't always agree and will play till they drop, so popping him in his crate for a kip and returning to your office to do some work will be achievable. It will also get him used to being alone for a while and help with the toilet training as when you let him out, about every hour initially, you can go straight outside for a wee.
Oh yeah and you might find all intention to work goes out the window with a young pup around to distract you :lol:
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Postby Oggy76 » 08 Aug 2008, 11:14

Hi Trouble and thanks for responding.

I am a bit concerned now as unfortunately my office is upstairs and like most of us I have to work? hmm I am going to need to have a re-think regarding the best way of planning my day by the sounds of it.

Also when I mentioned that I was thinking of putting pup out to play on his own I didn't mean for hours and hours on end LOL!. Sorry I probably should have made it clearer but I was thinking of purchasing a puppy pen and initially putting him either in the kitchen or garden for say 20 mins or so and then slowly bit by bit increasing the time left....i.e. a few mins per day rather than just abandoning him to his own devices straight off and not interacting with him for hours. Again though maybe I need to re-think this one as well?

I also have to full intention is to try and continue work as much as possible but I think I may struggle! :lol:
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Postby northwest1965 » 08 Aug 2008, 19:28

I have a 11week old puppy, we've had her for 3weeks now. I agree you do need to try and work downstairs, the house training is difficult enough with being in the dining room and the back door open. When they want to wee, they just go. I have gone back to work, I work for 4hours a day, my partner is sometimes here as he works shifts. But she has got used to being left for a while. The trick is to tire her before you plan to work, lots of play (boy do they know how to play) As I write this she has had a walk and slept for 20mins, now we're back on all cylinders. She loves her crate and I always leave her something nice and safe to chew.
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