We're out every day soon!!!!

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We're out every day soon!!!!

Postby northwest1965 » 08 Aug 2008, 18:57

We're now starting to go out, walking the 5min per month rule and that seems plenty for Meg. Going to visit the park next week and start puppy socialising. Now should I start lead discipline immediatley? At the moment she is fairly giddy with all the wide world has to offer.
Also how many times a day should the walk be...twice?
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Postby Marion » 14 Aug 2008, 08:49

Sorry to be so late in replying. Yes, definitely let her explore her new world at her own pace but position yourself close to her so she is used to being near your heel. Don't give her any commands but occasionally when she just happens to be trotting along next to your heel say:

"good girl"

she won't really associate the words with the action but it is never too early to start the basis of lead training.

I would say it is perfectly ok to take her out twice but only if you want to. try and relax a little and don't stick to everything the book says. Puppies grow so quickly that you will wish you had just spent time enjoying playing with her. Happy walks. :)

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