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Now he's got it

Postby daveb » 21 Aug 2008, 10:16

I posted on the forum some months ago when I was very concerned at my pups strange behaviour and reluctance to return to me. (Recall Refusal)
I recieved some very good advice from forum members alot of which I acted upon with some tweaks to fit my situation.
My pup, Red has now become obedient and obviously happy to be so and given his somewhat odd personality as well behaved a dog as I have known. I'm thrilled with him.
I think the best advice I got was to chill because I admit to being a bit full on which must have been a bit overwelming for a young pup at his first permanant home. I gave him the space to relax and he took it and is now enjoying life to the full and really has become my best mate.
So thanks to the forum and those who offered thier help.
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Postby Marion » 31 Aug 2008, 11:25

Hi Dave,

Many thanks for your kind words and positive feedback. I am glad the advice you received did the trick and you are enjoying life with your well trained dog. Stay in touch and let us know how you are getting on even if it isn't about the dog. The forum members do chat about things unrelated to dogs...sometimes :lol: :lol: :lol:

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