Oscars goes to nightschool

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Oscars goes to nightschool

Postby Wire Vizsla lad » 11 Nov 2008, 13:26

Oscar and I went to our first outdoors training session last night. He is now on his way to his bronze KC good citizen award.
Only had one problem when we first arrived, when Oscars back was turned he was nipped on his back by a very large lurcher that was a little out of control, barking and lunging at every other dog.
The owner of the Lurcher was letting a young girl around 12 yrs old handle the dog and it was quite clear to everyone that she was not strong enough to hold him back. The training instructor soon had a word and told the owner that she had to handle the dog and not her young daughter. Pity she did not see the problem before Oscar was bitten but it was just as the training was starting. After lots of yelping and jumping up at me for help! Thankfully Oscar calmed down to his training session, at which he did very well "if I say so myself" I am just glad that the incident does not seem to have put him off too much.

Another plus for Oscar re him getting carsick... last night we got to the training session which is '11 miles away from home' without any problem. I gave Oscar two ginger biscuits before we set off, and he was fine a few dribbles that was all, he is usually very wet due to drooling when we go anywhere, so I was well pleased. He also got home without any problems.
All in all a good night (apart form the Lurcher) & it stayed dry no rain..

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Re: Oscars goes to nightschool

Postby Maxine100 » 12 Nov 2008, 13:35

Excellent news, glad to hear Oscar is enjoying training classes and even better to hear that he wasn't sick. :thumbsup:

He is such a gorgeous looking pup. :)
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