Troy and ryan go back to school

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Troy and ryan go back to school

Postby Ryan2008/troy » 21 Nov 2008, 03:21

Hello all just a wee note to say that me and troy went to puppy school tonight after Tuesday nights disaster of a attempt we got there and lets say for a dog who couldn't go near another dog he was walking sniffing and playing with other dogs and sitting close to 2 tempting tasty we treats sorry yappy wee hairdresser dogs lol
there was one trainer who reminded me of a primary school teacher she had that super comfident way and had me paying attention must have done ok no naughty corner for me lol
he did fine and enjoyed it better than me well his lets put it this way I'M the one with more grey hair lol

he was brilliant and soon settled that's ma boy troy.................. :supergrin: one proud pack leader kind off :goofysmile:
they arrive as bundles of fluff and touch your sole like no other object they give out love no matter and seek little
unless you spend a fortune on dog food vet bills toys and 40 quid for a collar (don't ask how It happened I hate shopping and am now band from entering a shop unsupervised by a responsible adult or canine anytime I have to go shopping if Im Not out after 12 seconds I just grab stuff and stop looking at the price......)
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Re: Troy and ryan go back to school

Postby goonerlady » 21 Nov 2008, 08:39

So pleased Troy really enjoyed meeting the other dogs at puppy class.You made me laugh at the primary school teacher remark.It's funny because the opposite happened to me as I thought Daisy my blue heeler/rottie cross would love playing with the other dogs as she plays with our other dog but she was a real wimp.We go to outside classes now and she is getting more confident with other dogs.Sue.
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Re: Troy and ryan go back to school

Postby Marion » 13 Dec 2008, 15:59

Hi Ryan,

Just thought I would see how you and Troy are getting on with the training classes. You must be doing OK as we haven't heard from you for a while.

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