Lhasa Apso and general puppy advice please?

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Lhasa Apso and general puppy advice please?

Postby 6angels » 05 Jan 2009, 11:11

Hi I am thinking of buying a Lhasa Apso puppy and would like some advice please. Firstly I have a grown up daughter who visits but is asthmatic so I wondered if this breed would be ok. Also I have an 18 month old and 5 young grandchildren so would also want a dog that is good with young children. And im also getting confused with what I should be looking for when buying - I have been told that I should see both parents but when I went to see some puppies the other day only the mother was present as the father was brought in just to breed. Also the puppies were of good pedigree but the papers were in the post. The prices start from £300 to £475 and im not that bothered about a good pedigree as long as the puppy is healthy. One breeder did not have any puppies available but warned me off 2 other breeders - should I take heed of what she says? The lady I saw the other night talked of eye tests and parlour visits every 6 weeks and the fact we couldnt breed without her permission etc - there now seems to be loads and loads to think about! Please advise!! Thank you.
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Re: Lhasa Apso and general puppy advice please?

Postby Hetty » 05 Jan 2009, 11:49

You indeed have to consider that your dog needs to go to a groomer every 6-8 weeks. This can be quite costly. I think before buying a puppy you should ask for all the health papers of both parents, like eye examination certificates and possibly patella luxation certificates. If a kennel has both dog and bitch you are lucky, or they just breed from the same pair of dogs all the time without paying any attention to health and breeding as they just want to multiply dogs. Very often breeders will take their bitch to a studdog to be mated, so then you won't be able to see the studdog at the kennel you buy your puppy.

I want to breed from my BC bitch and have two male dogs in my house. One has mild HD and the other one is the half brother of my bitch, so both dogs are not suitable to breed with her. My bitch has been tested on several congenital diseases and is free of them, so if puppy buyers would come to have a look at the puppies I would be able to show these papers and possibly copies of the health papers of the father of the pups. Some diseases she is not tested for herself as her parents or grandparents were all DNA tested for them and therefore she is DNA free by parentage. Those results can be found online in the border collie database.

All dogs can be taught to behave themselves with children, and all children can be taught to treat a dog with respect and not as a stuffed toy. The person responsible for that is you. No dog will be born well trained with the ability to be good with kids; it is learned behaviour. As for asthmatic people, you could take your daughter with you to some kennels and see if it affects her. It is often said that poodles are the best dogs for people with allergies/asthma. As for the breeder that says you can't breed without her permission: this is only the case if she puts restrictions on your KC papers and then you can still breed yourself but you won't be able to get KC papers for the pups. But then again, not every dog is good enough to breed from.
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Re: Lhasa Apso and general puppy advice please?

Postby Marion » 10 Jan 2009, 17:55

Good post Hetty,

My advice is to do as much research as you can before choosing a puppy. You might like to start by following this link:

http://www.k9obedience.co.uk/puppies/pu ... rship.html

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Re: Lhasa Apso and general puppy advice please?

Postby Nick Jones » 11 Jan 2009, 21:50

There are also a few online 'breed selection' type quizes abailable that can be worth a try.

I put this into Google and it gave some interesting results:

'dog breed selector test'

Nick :)
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