Pulling on lead

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Pulling on lead

Postby Emma 101 » 05 Jan 2009, 21:44

Hi all :)

Hope you all had a good christmas and happy new year!!

Well update on rosie and her bladder! great improvement :thumbsup:
She has made great progress we only have the odd incident now maybe once a month! if that!!!

Ive just been reading some of the other posts and love the idea of the naughty step!!lol

Anyhow my little bundle of fun is finding new ways to challenge me, We take Rosie for lovely walks up into the woods that she just loves, she goes off her lead when we get there and just goes crazy running ang jumping, but always listens and will come when we call her.. However gettong to the woods on the lead is becoming a battle of wills!

When we 1st got Rosie her breeder recomended that we use a slip knot lead as He said Rosie was use to it , however when we began to walk Rosie she was beginning to pull on the lead. After a few weeks of battling with Rosie on the lead and no improvement i was abit worried that she was goin to actually hurt herself as she was pulling so much!
So a trip to pets at home and they recommended a harness.

To begin with it seemed to help but now she is back to her usual self and has taken to chewing the harness unless its taken off her as soon as we arrive home. She is on the 3rd in abt 6wks! she never chewed the previous lead...

On the lead she pulls and srains to be ahead and if we say anythin or pull her back she cowers and tucks her tail under, then races of to be ahead again. Im sure she is excited to get to the woods but i really want to train her the correct way to be on the lead.

So any tips on how to get Rosie up to the woods without we losing an arm or my temper! :evil: would be greatfully appreciated.

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Re: Pulling on lead

Postby Maxine100 » 05 Jan 2009, 22:50

Hi Emma,

There are lots of posts about walking on leads, but maybe you have already looked at them?

Just a quick reply before I go out.

Have you tried a Halti?

How is your dog on the lead before you get to the woods? ie, just walking the paths and not going to the woods?

Is your dog calm before he goes on a walk, or really excited once the lead goes on?

Get your dog used to being calm on walks, don't even progress to the woods until she is calm.

If she is pulling so much, whay are you walking? STOP or TURN!

Some try the turning method.

I did (what I call) the STOP method with Marley (as a puppy). The second he pulls, we don't walk. We stop, go back into the heel position and as soon as he heels we walk on. Or should I say, we did that when he was a young pup, if he pulled on a walk now, he would take me over, being a giant pup!. :lol:

I used to walk pretty much with a treat in front of him (when he was 3mths old) and say "heel" as I was doing it. Perfect walking meant "heel" and he got the treat. He walked ahead of me and we stopped and he got nothing!
I pretty much taught him that walking by my feet meant heel and he got the treat every now and then. When he walked ahead of me, he got nothing and we didn't move. He soon learnt that "heel" meant by my feet and the second he goes ahead of me (when I decide he should be by my side) I say "heel" and he now goes immeadiately back in place.
Being a pup still (at 8mths) he will still get a treat every now and then (probably once a week) when i say heel, just so he knows hes still doing good. But to be honest, he doesn't need the treat anymore. Because hes still a pup, I just make sure he keeps in check. :wink:

I do think that if you go back to the basics with a dog that is pulling, it does help. As a pup Marley learnt v quickly that if he went ahead of me, or the lead went tight, we didn't walk. I wouldn't say anything, just stop, but as soon as we walked off again and he was by my side, I would say "heel".

Walking him is lovely. I never ever said (as a puppy) walkies, or made it really exciting. I just got the lead on, made him sit at the door, then the gate and we would calmly walk out. 'till this day he doesn;t get excited, we get the lead on, walk out (me 1st through doors and gates) and walk calmly into the street!

If Marley pulled me now, I would be on my arse in seconds, especially in this snow. So he had to learn and learn quick!

If it helps pretend your dog weighs 8 stoen (as Marley does) and imagine her pulling you. You wouldn't even get to the end of the street without being on the floor! :lol: :lol:

It takes a lot of patience and time and repitition, but luckily Marley learnt v quickly.

Go back to basics and practice with your dog. Don't even go to the woods yet. The practicising and focus from your dog learning the basics of heel (stop, start and waiting for your next command), is just as good as a walk around the woods because it will be mentally challenging.

I hope this helps. I'm not a dog trainer, it's just how i taught my pup to heel and walk without pulling.
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Re: Pulling on lead

Postby Richard » 05 Jan 2009, 23:45

:goodpost: Maxine

you have to be two things......firm and brave.

firm to make it the rule a pulled lead means stop.

and brave enough to turn back round and go home if it continues, silently.

if you are firm and brave you will do a couple of very tough things.... you will have 3 or 4 walks that only get 10 paces from your own door before ending, and if your walks are like mine........to a local park, you will have one or two walks that end within 10 feet of the park but pulling means home in silence.

at the moment all your dog is learning is pullling gets what they want FASTER :supergrin: :supergrin: :supergrin: :supergrin:

follow Maxine posts, keep things back to basics in the house too, respect in the house has to come before you will get respect outside the house.

your rules and you are firm but benevolent ruler.

hope that helps

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Re: Pulling on lead

Postby Emma 101 » 07 Jan 2009, 20:35

Thanks for the advice guys.

Think that i was feeling that i have to take her up to the wood really as she gets to have a good run :dogrun: after being in her run all day or indoors alot.....guilt!! but guess thats daft of me! :oops:
From monday we started stopping every time she pulls on the lead and not moving or speaking to her until she comes back to sit beside us...so it seems we are now on the right path!!!

We dont usually say anything to Rosie when we are about to go out she just watches us get ready and she does become very excited, but we put her on her bed to calm down and also make her wait to leave the house while we get ready and out the door then call come...its the same re enter the house she waits until we are in first.

lol...its hard work this puppy lark!! :supergrin:
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Re: Pulling on lead

Postby Archie » 08 Jan 2009, 15:16

Just another couple of tips for you........................

Make sure she is completely calm before going outside. An sign of shaking or excitement keep her sat in position until she does calm down. If she lies down and completely relaxes then great. Then commence your walk. This is the same if you are getting her out of the car and going for a walk. Stand in front of her face on until she is calm, this way you are claiming the outside world as your domain. Its all part of the walk on your terms.

When she gets in front and you stop and she returns to the heel position, walk around in a Left Hand circle (if she is positioned on your left.) this will put your leeg into her neck. This is the time to say heel as she is in the correct position. Only say heel when she is in the correct position.

When out on the walk only let her go to the loo when you say so. Otherwise keep walking and keep moving. any sign of stopping for a sniff or loo, correct her and move on. She'll be okay with this, it is her instinct to follow the leader. She'll eliminate when you let her. When she does loads of praise and treat. Then move on. The walk is the hunt and the migration and you will be fulfilling those instincts.

HTH :wave:
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