Unnecessary Aggression

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Unnecessary Aggression

Postby Louise » 30 Oct 2009, 21:40

Dodge keeps barking at other dogs for absolutely no reason. In fact, he just loves to bark and howl for no apparent reason. He's only a 5 month old BC so is he just finding his voice? I'd like to know how to control it when we're around other dogs because I feel like I have a savage beast on a leash. Also, my 4 year old SBT has now become super sensitive to other dogs too. She just pulls me towards them and looks aggressive. She's massive so its really hard work to stop her dragging me along. I take both out separately in the mornings as I'm on my own and in the evening we all go out together as I have help from my partner. Both Roxy and Dodge get on great together and when they do meet other dogs there isn't any problems such as fighting, but Dodge continues to bark and get crazy no matter how often he see's even the same dog. Any advice on what to do about barking in the backyard? I want a good guard dog but it seems excessive sometimes. Roxy rarely barks at home and is easily calmed with a 'sh'. She doesn't even join in with Dodge's madness. Any thoughts please?
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Re: Unnecessary Aggression

Postby Richard » 30 Oct 2009, 21:57

try searching the forum for 'watch me'

you will want good high value treats, small slivers of smoked sausage work well...Hmmmmmmm MMMMMatisons :supergrin:

you want to be rewarding the moment the dogs eyes focus on you , and repeat the comand 'watch me' as you treat.

You will also want to work on calm sits at approach, and wait.....


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Re: Unnecessary Aggression

Postby Louise » 30 Oct 2009, 22:05

Will do, thank you. I'll let you know how we get on :)
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Re: Unnecessary Aggression

Postby LisaBC » 31 Oct 2009, 00:04

Hi I have a Bc, lots of threads about her and her aggression problems with other dogs and all I would like to say is she started about the same age as yours so if you can it would be best to get some expert help with this sooner rather than later as she is now 12 month and we are still working on it.
Positives she is loving, loyal and obedient and fantastic with the whole family and all the other pets we have, plays with the rabbits on the lawn and sits with the chinchilla's running all over her, great fun to train and loves to please. However she doesnt trust strangers and is OTT when out but she is still young.
No so good with cats outside :oops:
Im sure you will be fine and any dog not just BC's can learn bad habbits, BC's just learn them quicker :lol:
Have a look at Hetty's website and threads she is great with BC training.
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Re: Unnecessary Aggression

Postby TracyJ » 31 Oct 2009, 15:23

Hi, I have a rescue BC and found that clicker training was really good for him. They love learning so you can teach them loads of tricks in the house. The problems we have had (and still have!) are all to do with on-lead walking and the chase instinct/frustration at not being able to get to what he wants. If your dog happily plays with and meets other dogs when off lead, without aggression then it sounds like your pup might be excited/frustrated too.

We taught our BC the 'watch me' command mentioned in a previous post but it didn't really work for us as the distraction was just too much, and he seemed anxious that he couldn't look at what was behind him (ears back). I've found that telling him to 'leave' is helping. It doesn't always work, but he's much better at passing joggers and cyclists now.

As your BC is still a pup, you should take him to lots of busy places to get him used to lots of different things. We find our boy behaves much better when there are lots of other people/dogs around and will only react to the odd one. He's worse when we meet the occasional person/dog/cyclist/jogger when out walking where we live.

Has yours discovered the joys of tennis balls yet?! :lol: :dogrun: They're a great tool for getting a good recall!

Have fun and enjoy your pup.

P.S. we need some pics
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Re: Unnecessary Aggression

Postby Louise » 31 Oct 2009, 20:49

Thanx everyone :)

I think its definitely frustration too. He loves the thrill of the chase, typical bloke... :lol:

He's such a great runner. I've been feeling cruel not letting him off his lead so I took him to the park today for a play. Took chicken and rewarded him when he came back when I called him. He barks when he runs and he's into everything. Other peoples dogs bark too so I don't feel too guilty. Do BC's bark when herding? Will he start fights if I leave him to do this because I'm unsure how to calm him when he's having such a good time?? If a dog comes over, he throws himself on the floor but then has another go at barking at them when they leave him to go off to their owners.

I do throw balls for him using one of those arm extension chucker thingies (awesome invention for a girl who throws like one...) He brings it back to me but only after he circles me a few times, and sometimes he drops it far away and waits for me to retrieve it. On these occasions I pick the ball up and ignore him for a while. Next time I throw the ball, he will bring it back closer but it doesn't last long. Its an on going game for him. He's brilliant in the house at doing the training. I can't wait until we go to the classes. I think being around strangers and their dogs in a controlled environment will be really good for his socialisation. Only gotta wait til Weds...

Heres another one for ya. He doesn't respond to me very well if I have guests. Not had more than one person round at a time but if its someone who doesn't mind dogs, he goes mental. Any attention off other people means I don't exist until I get a little louder. Is it ok to raise my voice sometimes? I always ask people to ignore him until he's calm but he's so damn cute that some can't

Yeah pictures would be good, but I broke the charger for my camera. Just waiting for one to arrive from the wonderful ebay. Sadly missed loads of excellent photo ops. As soon as I have some, I'll post them on here.

All dogs seem to have their very own idiosyncrasies, just like people.

P.s Gonna read your threads Lisa, when I get the time. Dodge keeps me me busy most of the day. I know realise that all the questions I'm posting on here must have been asked before, its just hunting them down....

Again, I really appreciate any replies I get. Its nice to know that people take the time to share. One day I may even have some good advice to give to others in my situation?...
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