Eating cat poo???

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Eating cat poo???

Postby pickles2010 » 09 Jan 2011, 22:42

Can any one help?

My puppy is now just over 5 months old, George, he gets on well with our cat. The problem is that today i found George eating the cats stool :(

I have heard something about puppies and poop before, but have been told recently by a friend that it may be because he needs to change from puppy kibble to adult kibble, and may be deficient in protein??

I wondered how true this was, is eating poop normal and is there any thing i can do to stop it????
:?Please help???
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Re: Eating cat poo???

Postby ski1 » 10 Jan 2011, 13:06

Not sure it's just a puppy thing, my collie used to eat cat poo and sick if he thought he'd get away with it. :confused:

I think it's probably to do with the high protein content of cat food and therefore the poo is quite high in protein as well. :?:

Sorry I'm no help but I look forward to reading what others have to say and good luck find the solution.
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Re: Eating cat poo???

Postby memphis » 10 Jan 2011, 14:53

Mine can't resist sheep droppings for some reason... makes certain country walks a nightmare!

Not sure about the thought that adult food is higher in protein? I think puppy food is much higher, intended for a period when the dog is growing and needs it most.
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Re: Eating cat poo???

Postby LisaBC » 10 Jan 2011, 18:20

All 6 of mine will eat cat poo :cry: they think its lovely!
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Re: Eating cat poo???

Postby pickles2010 » 11 Jan 2011, 19:38

Thankyou for everyones replies!

Im relieved to know im not alone but then a little suprised that it seems to be a delicacy in the canine society!!!! Would prefer a a lovely lasagne any day!!!

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Re: Eating cat poo???

Postby LeviBevi » 20 Jan 2011, 20:57


mine still eat all sorts of poo!
recently someone said that it is something to with dogs being predators and eating poo of 'prey' species is a way of finding out the status of the local food available. Personally I think they just enjoy it
a good leave command helps with it!

enjoy that puppy!
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