Worried about my rotties 'bowel movements'

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Worried about my rotties 'bowel movements'

Postby Tinkali » 20 Jul 2011, 18:06

He's 4 months and 2 weeks now... and he's usually pretty fine, but the Friday just gone he had really bad vomiting and did poop until all that was coming out was water... he was very down until Saturday afternoon and then perked up to his usual self and seemed fine. We went to vets yesterday to get he's worming and flea treatment, the vet said it was probably to do with something he ate as he is fine now it should be nothing to worry about, yet today we went for a walk and he did about five really runny poos and then a watery one in the space of half an hour, but still seems absolutely fine and no vomiting.

I don't know whether it's because he got worms or something from 'fox poo' which he has tried to roll about in or whether he is doing it to himself by eating too fast and not chewing his food properly??

Has anyone else experienced this?

I'm thinking of seeing how it goes, but am really worrying it might be something serious... :?
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Re: Worried about my rotties 'bowel movements'

Postby Richard » 20 Jul 2011, 18:49

hello Tinkali

sounds like a bug or duff food, if your pupster is still runny the old addage is always 12-24 hours fast then start with really basic foods like chicken and rice , or simple chappie from a can.

if Diarrhoea persist after the fast, or if there's blood in stool then back to the vet for a culture and anti biotics.

its proberbly not the hot weather as thats been absent this summer so far, and i assume you havnt changed food or tried any new foodstuffs.

normallly the only thing dogs get from fox pooh is a bath :wink:

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Re: Worried about my rotties 'bowel movements'

Postby janz » 20 Jul 2011, 22:35

I don't think any dog is without an occasional run of the trots when theyre young. There has been some hot days, and some muggy humid days. That can cause the runs. I always tried some scrambled egg in the evening meal. If it wasn't just a one off then the starving all next day until evening. A can of Chappie in the cupboard is always handy, sometimes thats all it takes. If it persists then think as Richard says, tests at the vets. If ou really suspect theyve eaten something bad, it may take a few days to go through, so the starve for 24 hours followed by the chappie, or boiled rice and whitefish or chicken. Make sure theres always water available, and use a syringe if your dog doesnt have a drink for hours, to put a few mouthfuls down him!
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