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Clicker Training Information

Clicker Training articles and information to help you in getting started with clicker training.

Clicker Training is a magically effective and humane method of dog training which we highly recommend to all our clients, especially those who own puppies, as puppy clicker training achieves incredibly fast and reliable results.

Recommended Clicker Course

Training a dog with a clicker is both enjoyable and, above all, powerful. Dogs respond like clockwork to the clicker thanks to the way it targets the dog's sub-conscious mind, rather than the conscious mind which is the area of the dog's brain which is targetted by more old-fashioned and harsher dog training methods. The Clicker is nothing short of a revolution in dog and puppy training, and it works with any dog breed, in any situation, regardless of distractions or previous canine behaviour problems.

Enjoy the articles, we advise most people to read them twice, as this is such a wonderfully powerful, yet humane and natural way to train any dog of any age. Anyone who says ‘you can't teach an old dog new tricks' clearly has never learned about Clicker Training! Nor about dog training in general for that matter!

Read, learn & enjoy the results you can achieve with a clicker!

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Clicker Training - The Truth

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