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Dog Training Dog training can be performed in many different ways. Our favourite tool is the clicker, as we find Clicker Training to be the fastest dog training technique and the easiest to learn for less experienced dog owners. However, a clicker is just a 'tool' and it is far more important to understand the fundamental approach behind it, than it is to simply use one and expect results purely because a clicker is involved.

More importantly, a clicker is not necessary, its just a speedy way to implant messages in the dog's mind when training new tricks, commands etcetera. Furthermore, the same results can be achieved without using a clicker, so long as you fully grasp the mental aspects of dog training and how to reward a dog in an accurate and well-timed manner.

It is vital in your dog training that you look at the behaviour of the dog beforehand and choose a dog training method to suit the character and temperament of the breed being trained. Yes it is true that most methods will work with all dogs, but there are always better ways to train any particular dog than others, and finding out what this is will speed up your dog's success at obeying commands.

Dog owners need to understand the canine instincts which apply to all dogs before beginning any form of dog training or obedience work. Even if you only intend to cover the basics of dog training with your dog, you still must learn some simple aspects of dog behaviour before being able to train a dog successfully and easily.

Our dog training information is here to help you secure that special relationship with your dog, through accurate dog training and obedience techniques, using positive and reward-based training methods which are great fun for you and your dog, and most importantly, effective.

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We do not believe in punishment during dog training because it does not help achieve the results any faster, and it certainly doesn't help build trust between handler and dog, a key factor when asking a dog to do something challenging and outside of its normal comfort zone. However, that is not to say that 'correcting' a dog is not an integral part of dog training, because it most certainly is. You must understand the enormous difference between dog punishment and dog correction in order to succeed at maintaining the trust, and achieving your dog training objectives.

You can post questions or comments about your dog training experiences in our Dog Forum, or ask us to help with any dog behaviour problems you have during your dog training sessions or indeed at any other time.

Dog TrainingTraining dogs is one of the most rewarding parts of dog ownership, and it is irresponsible for any dog owner not to have their dog obeying a few very basic commands like "Come" and "Stay". These simple but essential commands may one day save the life of your canine friend, as they have for me and my dogs several times.

Dog training is not a choice you can take or leave. You are training your dog every single day, just by being a dog owner. Your dog watches and listens to everything you do and say, and he or she learns from you constantly. If you do not learn the basics of dog training or try to improve your training skills, all you are doing is leaving your dog's behaviour to chance and hoping for the best. This is a recipe for problems later on.

We are here to show you how to send the right messages to your dog, so you don't teach unwanted behaviours unwittingly, and so that you have some basic dog commands firmly cemented in your dog's mind enabling you to gain control of your dog in any situation, which is something any responsible dog owner should value greatly, and your dog certainly will.

Dog training also just happens to be great fun, probably even more so for your dog than for you, so go grab some treats or your dog's favourite toy, and start reading our dog training articles now!

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