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About The K9 Obedience team has a combined experience of over 50 years in training dogs and dealing with dog behaviour problems.

In this time we have gained a wealth of experience in all areas of dog training and obedience and we are now one of the leaders in the revolution to rebuild human understanding and knowledge of the canine mind. We both preach and practice an effective and kind new approach to training dogs, naturally and in harmony with their instinctive drives and motivations. By using these natural training methods, you will ensure that both you and your dog find training is the most enriching and enjoyable part of the relationship between you and your dog.

Drawing from our vast experience in dealing with dog behaviour problems, usually on the part of the owner and rarely the dog, we have moulded our own methods and beliefs for how all dogs should be trained or handled. These new ideas range from how you should behave when around your dog in its normal home environment, to how you can completely take control of a serious problem single-handed, without the need for a canine professional or dog behaviourist to visit your home in person.

Throughout the past decade we have found that most dog problems are found in dogs and owners who are actually involved in dog training or obedience classes in some way already. In other words, more often than not the dogs which we are asked to work with have been seen by other dog trainers and behaviourists before. This encouraged us to look very carefully into the normal guidance given to dog owners on how to handle and train their dogs. Whether the information came from books, videos, puppy training classes or anywhere else, it soon became apparent to us that the mass of information out there has, at best been misguided in the past, and at worst it has been completely wrong and sometimes frankly irresponsible.

Of course whilst dog owners may suffer slightly at not having their beloved canine partner behaving perfectly at all times, we believe the real victims of these mistakes are the dogs themselves and this is why we feel we have an inherent duty and responsibility towards these wonderfully faithful creatures to try and dispel a few myths and to improve the general philosophies people use in their approach to all aspects of dog training and dog handling.

Of course we’re not saying that none of the methods in use today are successful or effective. Many current methods work, and there are many other dog professionals who have helped a great number of dogs and owners to find a way through their difficulty or distress. However it must be said that there’s also a large number of owners out there who are not getting that magic difference from their training activities which they are led to expect, and which they and their dog desperately need.

The results we’ve seen in every dog we have dealt with have proved to us that our approach and our training methods work immediately, and continue to work for many years. In actual fact, due to our training systems being designed to implant messages deep into the dog’s sub-conscious memory, the lessons learned when implementing these techniques will last as long as the dog.

A dog never needs to learn how to urinate, how to bark, or how to communicate with other dogs, nor does it ever forget how to do these things. They are a permanent part of the genetic and sub-conscious structure of the dog’s mind, and it is precisely this area of the brain which our training techniques target in order to allow the dog to feel that the new tasks we teach him are part of his natural and instinct-driven routines. The results speak loudly for themselves, and we know that any dog owner will see this when they put our advice to the test in their own situations, without us even being present.

Some dog owners believe they can send their dogs away to be trained by a complete stranger. Some are not sure whether to believe it or not, but it’s the convenient option in this world of fast-food and now, fast-dog-training so many people are willing to spend a lot of money giving it a try.

Any dog can be trained to perform certain tasks by any person who knows how to train dogs, whether they know the dog or not beforehand. There isn’t any significant emotional connection needed to achieve this. However, for a dog’s instinctive and natural behaviours to be changed, for example to be more respectful of children around the home, or to stop begging when it comes to human feeding time and you are all sat around the table, this demands that the training comes directly from the dog’s true owner and master, those who will be living around that dog for the rest of its life.

We could very easily take a dog, teach it some commands and ship it back to its owner, though I am not sure how kind that is for the dog concerned. The dog would then certainly obey those commands perfectly whenever it was in our presence again, the ones who trained the commands. It may also perform the same way for its owners when it is back at home, but when a certain level of distraction, stress or heirarchy change appears, the level of the dog’s obedience will definitely diminish unless the owner is capable of spotting the problems and training them out quickly and accurately. If this was the case then that owner could have trained the dog themselves in the first instance!

The point here is that we believe the very best person to train a dog is ALWAYS its owner, and nobody else. What we aim to do is to train you to be able to manage your dog through the lessons you wish it to learn without any negative stress, without physical contact, and ideally avoiding food bribes as much as possible.

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