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About Several years ago, we decided to take action to get our message heard and to begin changing human perceptions of canine psychology and dog training in general in the UK.

We began by publishing a monthly magazine called Dog Training News. The results were very encouraging. We became inundated with emails, telephone calls and letters thanking us for opening our readers’ eyes to a completely new way, a way which they had usually given up hope of even existing. Many readers described how they had been told by their ‘behaviourist’ that their dog was quite simply “un-trainable” or “a hopeless case”! We could not believe some of the accounts and experiences that our readers described. Professional dog trainers actually telling people that their dog could not be trained!

It was then that we realised we could do a lot more good for both dogs and owners by spreading our information as widely as possible, and by making the information very easy to understand and to put into practice without any need for us to visit or even see the dogs.

Of course if a dog has a particularly rare or serious behaviour issue, a visit would always be best and sometimes essential to accurately diagnose the behaviour problem and offer effective solutions. However we have found that the great majority of cases are fairly basic in terms of the roots of the problem, and the solutions can be offered through print or on the web just as easily, and also publicly so that more than one person benefits from the information. In addition, as no travelling time is needed, the information can be given FREELY which means many more people will read and learn about our techniques as there is no cost in reading the information the site.

We continued the dog training magazine for a few years, but we soon realised that we were drastically limiting the amount of dogs and owners who could benefit from our information by keeping it as a printed publication. This was when the idea for K9 Obedience was born. We can now spread our dog training guidance, techniques and ideas to an endless audience all over the world whilst offering even more services and facilities via the website, something we could never do within a printed magazine.

Without any printing or postal costs, we can write information and guidance all day long, and by putting it up here on the site, anyone can log on and learn about our holistic approach to dog training without us needing to package it up and post it. In effect we can continue our K9 information revolution without any limitations on the location of our readers. So here we are on the world wide web!

In addition to our high quality dog behaviour articles, we also offer many other facilities to our readers which we are constantly improving and updating. We have a Free Dog Forum where readers can post questions which our panel can offer suggestions and advice to.

We offer a completely FREE Email Newsletter so that we can contact our readers directly and easily with new techniques and news about our dog training and obedience systems. You can sign up to this free Ezine using the sign up form on the top right of each page of our site, and for a limited time we are giving all new subscribers a FREE bonus gift, a FREE copy of our extremely popular and beautifully illustrated Dog Ebook called
“The Essential Dog Owner's Guide”. This is proving to be a very useful eBook for many people, and we would encourage ALL dog owners to read this book in order to educate themselves fully on the history of the dog, how and why it was bred to work with mankind, and how this relates to modern dog training methods. You will love this book! Enter your name and email address in the Email Tips sign up box (top right) now, and you can be reading this book within a few minutes!

We also offer a FREE ‘Your Dogs’ page, which allows our readers to have a page published on our site, just for their dog. What better way to show your dog off to the world than his own webpage?! Click here to find out how to get one for your dog.

We aim to change the way everyone thinks about their dog, and to improve the lives of all dogs and owners who are having difficulty in finding that perfectly harmonious balance which we all strive for with our dogs.

In our view, dogs are the most loyal and fulfilling animals we could possibly choose to invite into our homes. Surely we owe it to them to be the very best owners we possibly can? By working and training a dog, you are actively allowing his instincts and genetic drives to perform naturally and in accordance with his canine instincts. You are freeing him from the prison which a man-made home can so often be for a creature which is 90% Wolf, and 10% loyal servant. The result is a satisfied and mentally balanced creature that only needs a little food and sleep before waking again the next day, ready to work for you without hesitation or complaint.

I wish you every happiness and success with your dog, and anything we can do to help make that happen will be our great pleasure.

I will leave you with some truly relevant words from Edward Hoagland:

"In order to really enjoy a dog, one doesn't merely try to train him to be semihuman. The point of it is to open oneself to the possibility of becoming partly a dog.”

Enjoy our website, and don’t forget to sign up for the Email Tips before you go!

Here’s to your dog!


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