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The K9Obedience Doberman Owner's Guide
The K9Obedience Guide to the Doberman
"Once a Doberman Owner... ALWAYS a Doberman Owner"

This eBook will help you uncover the secrets of owning a
happy and
naturally obedient Dobermann Pinscher dog.

Does your Doberman sometimes have you scratching your head wondering why he or she behaves in the most peculiar ways?
Do you struggle to get the message across to your Doberman just what you expect of him?
Do you feel like sometimes your Doberman is doing things almost in a deliberate attempt to test your patience or push your limits?!
(Its a VERY common feeling!)
Have you ever wondered why many of the conventional dog training methods just DO NOT seem to work with a Doberman?
(Almost like Dobes are too clever for all that!)

If so, this eBook can help you and your Doberman to understand each other on a WHOLE NEW LEVEL, where obedience is no longer a battle of wills, but a natural way of life for your dog, through having an owner who knows HOW and WHY his mind works in the unique way that it does.

The author of this eBook is Martin Popham, a UK-based professional dog behaviourist and trainer with many years of experience in owning and training Dobermann Pinschers

This experience has enabled the eBook to be written with a strong emphasis on the key points which any Dobermann owner should know in order to prevent behavioural and obedience problems, especially the dominance issues which an increasing amount of Doberman owners seem to be contacting us about these these days.

Published Doberman expert, Benjamin Warrick, said:

"To truly understand and appreciate the Doberman Pinscher, one must know its history – what it’s made of and why it’s made of it.

Few resources are available in this area. In fact, the only books I know of written specifically about the Doberman’s history were written by Philipp Gruenig and published in the 1940s. These books have been out of print for decades and if one is lucky enough to find a copy, the price will be in the hundreds of dollars. Other Doberman books contain some history, however the information is usually only about the beginning of the breed and supplies a general summary.

Martin Popham’s e-Book, The K9Obedience Guide to Owning a Dobermann Pinscher, gathers much of what we know about the Doberman throughout its existence. He starts with a detailed examination of the breed’s origins and its originator, Karl Dobermann. He continues - we get a good look at the breeds that most likely went into building the Doberman and the people responsible, as well as the attributes and abilities that were sought. We see the effects of war on the Doberman, how they served man and how they survived as a breed. And we see how the Doberman's popularity spread from Germany to England and the United States.

The book ends by examining our current use, treatment, and maintenance of the Doberman breed. We see how the Doberman’s fine design creates a strong and dedicated protector, but at the same time is the ideal high-energy but gentle family dog.

It is an inspiring piece. All Doberman owners should understand their breed’s history, and this e-Book is the best resource on the subject I have found to date."

– Benjamin Warrick, owner of

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Packed with beautiful colour photos and written directly from years of hands-on ownership and EXPERIENCE of training Dobermans, this brand new eBook is an eye-opening and thoroughly enjoyable read for any Doberman owner or for someone who just wants to learn more about this affectionate and formidable breed before opening ther heart and home to a Doberman for the very first time.

Page 38 from The Doberman Owner's Guide by K9Obedience
Karl Dobermann was not the only person involved in the creation of the modern Doberman dog. Far from it.
Whilst his name remained (thanks to the loyalty of his closest friend), in reality he was merely the starting point on a journey of canine experimentation to produce one of the most intelligent and protective dogs in the world.

Title page from The Doberman Owner's Guide by K9ObedienceThrough knowledge of the Doberman's creation and development, we believe all owners can gain a much clearer understanding of the behaviour and abilities of their Doberman, leading to a more balanced relationship where obedience is no longer a chore but a natural product of the closeness and understanding between owner and dog.

Page 38 from The Doberman Owner's Guide by K9ObedienceAfter explaining the fascinating history of the breed this eBook then goes on to look at how Dobermans have become one of the most trusted military service dogs in modern warfare as well as in many other walks of life, from Police K9 units through to agility competitions and life-saving Search and Rescue units working in disaster zones all over the world.

You will discover many little-known facts including:

How to decide if YOU have what it takes to own this incredible animal, and crucial things you MUST KNOW if you are preparing to become a Doberman owner

These are just a handful of the topics you will learn about.

This eBook was created with 2 goals in mind:

1.  To educate current and future Doberman owners of the impressive background and history from where this powerful dog came.
2.  To ensure that all who read this eBook are COMPLETELY prepared for becoming a Doberman owner, with a good knowledge of this sensitive dog's exercise needs, character traits, dominance issues, intelligence and the best Doberman training techniques to use.

All Doberman dogs have the potential to become either:

 1. The most incredible dog you have ever owned, or...

When problems occur with a Doberman, they can be serious and extremely traumatic for both owner and dog. We want to make sure that you've got all the knowledge you need to just enjoy the wonderful experience of owning a Doberman.

This eBook will help ensure this happens for you!

New Product The K9Obedience Guide to the Doberman Pinscher
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"Your book provides a comprehensive and interesting historical context for anyone wishing to know more about the Doberman Pinscher breed.

I even learned something new about one of my previous affiliations: the US Marine Corps. Wow! I never knew the role Doberman’s had in securing Guam during World War II.

I am happy to own such an informative book and am pleased to own a breed of which I (now) have so intimate an understanding. Thank you!

Marine Brother,

Jeffrey Allen Trelka (Sgt. Trelka)
Seattle, WA"

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