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Dobermann Pinscher Dog Breed Profile

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Doberman Pinscher
During World War II, in the Pacific, a brigade of “Devil Dogs” supported the Marines. Six Doberman Pinschers were in this brigade including the famous Otto, Andy and Rex.

These dogs saved their human counterparts’ lives on many occasions during the war years.

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Origin: Germany

Breed Purpose: The Dobermann was bred as a personal guard dog and police dog.

Kennel Club Dog Group: Working

Height: Bitch 63-65cm., Dog 65-71cm.

Weight: 30-40kg.

Lifespan: 10-13 years

Exercise Needs: This is a high energy dog that needs plenty of off lead exercise. Mental stimulation is just as important for the dog as it needs to be working and care must be taken to respect the needs and temperament of the doberman pinscher. They can quickly learn to track, seek and retrieve with precision. They excel at Schutzhund. Never condemn the Doberman to a life of isolation as if he does not exercise and be socialised enough he may become aggressive.

Feeding Needs: The Doberman has a serious appetite. A 40kg dog can eat 600gms of meat, 300gms of vegetables, and 300gms of rice plus supplements a day! Meals should be given at least twice daily to avoid bloat.

Common Ailments: The Doberman breed does have some major health issues namely Wobblers Syndrome (a spinal problem causing leg paralysis), Von Willebrands disease (an inherited blood disorder) and congenital heart problems. Check breed lines to avoid unhealthy dogs.

Physical Description: The Dobe is a large, strongly built dog that also stands with nobility and elegance. The head is finely sculptured and is quite distinctive from the neck. The muzzle is wide and deep with tight lips and powerful jaws, with a perfect scissor bite. The body is muscular and compact with strong thighs and a deep chest. Traditionally the Doberman would have its ears cropped and the tail docked, however in many parts of the world these surgical procedures are no longer allowed, although the tail may still be docked unfortunately. Naturally the ears will bend over in a perfect fold and the tail is long, carried slightly below the line of the body, curling upwards at the tip. The coat is short, tight and smooth, lying flat to the skin. The colours are black/tan, brown/tan, (rust) blue, or fawn, (known as Isabella.) Occasionally white Doberman appear in the breed but are generally considered to be albinos. The Dobermans gait is free, balanced and vigorous. The Doberman’s overall appearance is one of a dog that means business! They emit a picture of strength, power, elegance, and beauty.

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Doberman K9 Obedience Dog Breed Summary:

This is a dog that is not afraid of anything! The exclusive attachment that they form with their family can make them distrustful of strangers. They are excellent guard dogs that will protect their human family, the home and the garden from anything that they consider a threat. Because of this the Doberman Pinscher must be introduced to visitors, and care must be taken to stop anyone entering the property uninvited.

They can be self-willed and dominant dogs so really need an owner that can earn their respect, through firm and consistent training from an early age, but with absolutely boundless love and attention.

The Doberman is excellent with children and will tolerate other dogs within the household if introduced correctly, but many Dobermans do not like cats, although this can easily be adjusted with corrective dog training, especially if you do it early after bringing home the dog and by putting some effort into being well-informed and responsible through lots of reading and learning when preparing for a Doberman Pinscher puppy.

This dog works out of deep devotion and motivation but they are never servile so the owner needs to show authority straight away to earn the respect of this wonderful dog.

The Doberman Pinscher can be prone to jealousy as it craves attention in order to feel like it's a central part of your life, which is the only place your Doberman will ever be fully content.

This dog breed is not for the average family. However, for someone who is capable of handling the Doberman Pinscher correctly, they are simply one of the most loyal and impressive breeds in the world.

Important - Please do NOT get a Doberman puppy or adult Dobie thinking it will be a good ‘yard dog’ or guard dog of any kind. There is no greater misconception than this with the Doberman. Yes they are incredibly protective usually (though not always) but this is only the case if they are with their owner almost every minute of the day and doted on for every one of those minutes. You can NOT get yourself a Doberman, then throw it in a yard and expect loyalty and devotion from it just because it is a Doberman, it won’t happen like that at all. In fact doing this can often cause a Dobe to feel more threatened by YOU than anybody else and we have dealt with many Dobermans who have become dangers to their owners and family through neglect of this kind. More importantly than whether or not the dog turns out how you want, this is nothing less than absolute cruelty for a dog which needs as much human attention and companionship as this.

This dog will protect an owner it respects, but will distrust its owner as much as an intruder if it is not treated correctly and kindly, with a bucket load of love and attention, and of course LOTS of training.

Think carefully if you are made of the right 'stuff' and prepared to go to any length to overcome ANY problems you may encounter after purchasing a doberman pinscher puppy.

You will be rewarded for your dedication with unconditional love, devotion and loyalty from your dog, every single day of your new lives together.

Learn more, please read our article on Owning A Doberman

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