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Dog Training Commands

Dog Training Commands, and the choices you make on this subject is a topic of dog training which many people overlook.

Using commands which you rarely use in everyday speech, and of course other methods of giving commands such as hand signals, eye contact, body posture etcetera can unleash a whole new and undiscovered area of dog training where commands can become like a light switch in the effect they have on the dog.

Choosing the right dog training commands is something which is not as easy as it might sound to many owners, and getting the choice right or wrong can make the difference between an obedient dog and a dog which chooses when to obey commands, and when not to!


This section of our website is being developed to expand on this interesting subject and will feature articles, advice and information on everything from choosing the commands which will work best for you and your dog, right through to HOW to give the commands to the dog, and how to train the commands in the most effective and speedy ways possible.

Hand signals and other methods of commanding a dog to do something will be explored here soon as well.

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Choosing Commands
Distant Sit
Hand Signals
How To Give Your Dog Commands
Recall - Old Vs New Methods
Using Your Dog's Name

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