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Schutzhund TrainingSchutzhund is the sport of advanced dog obedience training, tracking and protection work.

Schutzhund is often midunderstood or misinterpreted as a way of training dogs to be aggressive or dangerous. This could not be further from the truth. All Schutzhund dogs are extremely stringently tested for their extreme level of dog obedience, attentiveness to their handler, and mental soundness.

Any dog wishing to compete or even be judged in a ring for Schutzhund titles must have already completed the Companion Dog test, and this is no easy feat for most pet dogs either, as it requires an impressive and rare level of respect, loyalty and obedience to the handlers instructions.


Schutzhund training takes an extreme amount of skill, time, dedication and effort on the part of the handler and therefore both the dogs and the handlers learn a great deal during the many years of training they are likely to undertake in order to take part in this sport.

In France the term used for a similar sport is Ringsport, and this is very much like Schutzhund in that it commands a level of obedience seldom seen in pet dogs, however all Schutzhund dogs go home to a normal family household where their behaviour is usually impeccable and more reliable than a non-trained dog.

Take it from an expert, a guarding type of dog breed such as the German Shepherd, Rottweiler, or Dobermann is far safer with this level of obedience and training put into it, than left to its own devices to seek out a living or role to play in any normal family household with no specific emphasis on taking the dog's instincts and natural heritage seriously. I am not saying all dogs of this kind should do Schutzhund, but i am definitely saying that i would feel fully safe to be around a Schutzhund dog all day long, whereas there are many large breeds in pet homes where i exercise a much great degree of caution before feeling fully comfortable that the dog is reliable and safe to be around.

My only final comment would be to those 'types' of people who believe that they can get a big tough dog, and go along to a Schutzhund club in order to train their dog to be 'nasty' or to impress their friends. It doesn't work that i am afraid, and if you don't believe me, go along to a Schutzhund club and find out for yourself, you won't be very welcome unless you are as interested in your dog's temperament being SAFE as you are in it being protective.

Schutzhund Training is for loving, caring owners who are mature adults and who respect the power of their dog, wish to see it channelled safely and accurately in the right direction, and who wish to take their dog's obedience to a much higher level.

Anyone else need not apply :)

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Schutzhund Training

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