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BARF Diet for Dogs

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The acronym B.A.R.F. officially stands for ‘Biologically Appropriate Raw Food’ or more simply put ‘Bones and Raw Food’.

BARF Diet for DogsThe BARF diet was invented by an Australian veterinary surgeon called Ian Billinghurst.

As with many other vets across the world, Billinghurst noticed that dogs were developing the same type of diseases and medical problems as humans and he saw fit to look into the causes of this and this search led him directly to the diet, the foundation of any living being.

The theory behind a BARF diet is that since the dog evolved from its ancestor, the wolf, for hundreds of thousands of years their diet consisted of raw food, bones and scraps. In 1860 the first commercial dog biscuit was produced and since then a huge money making industry has sprung up providing the dog owner with a ready made easy alternative to raw food with which to feed their dog.

BARF Diet for DogsThe ingredients used in commercial dog food are considered to consist of poor quality meat, abundance of cheap grains and artificial ingredients and bi-products. As rapidly as the pet food industry grew, the health of our companion dogs declined.

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Ian Billinghurst believed that we have so completely domesticated our dogs that we have forgotten that their nutritional needs are very different from our own.

Billinghurst’s philosophy is that a ‘Biologically Appropriate Raw Food’ diet for dogs should be much the same as their ancestor the wolf. Commercial dog food in whatever form lacks the proper enzymes, proteins, fibre and other dietary necessities to keep the companion dog fit and healthy.

BARF Diet for DogsA BARF diet is designed to meet the nutritional needs of your dog and for the animal to eat as it has done for millennia.

Here at K9Obedience we fully recommend a BARF diet for all dogs, and we are in full use of this diet for all our dogs.

This diet is full of oils and proteins which naturally occur in the natural organisms which our dogs eat, and this keeps coat, body and mind in a healthy and show-winning state.

Contrary to the often wrongly-held belief, eating raw meats does NOT cause a dog to have a heightened 'kill' instinct. My dogs shown in the pictures on this page live amongst two young children, and many other pets including lambs, chickens, ferrets, rabbits, kittens and other dogs. They see no connection between the two, their food is delivered at feeding time and their playmates are delivered at play time, they have no bloodthirsty desire to kill things for food, just as other dogs have no desire to hunt for a tin-opener to open a can of commercial dog food when fed a commercial diet!

Discover the DEADLY Secrets of Commercial Dog Food

What they do however have is a VERY healthy constitution and a glow which we feel can only be seen in a dog fed a natural and raw diet which is easy for their system to digest and is full of strength and nutritional value. Another benefit is the amount of waste which a dog produces when it toilets. This is drastically reduced in most dogs when fed a natural BARF diet, which just goes to show what their intestines think of both raw food and commercial food!

Go natural today, and watch your dog shine with natural health!

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BARF Diet for Dogs
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