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Feeding Puppies

Natural Puppy Food!Protein is the one of the most important structural materials for puppies and dogs. It is essentially a combination of amino acids. These are the building blocks that perform specific functions within the body. Every amino acid corresponds to a different protein. These include enzymes, hormones, genes, red blood cells, hair, skin, bone, and muscles. The essential amino acids that are required for an adult dog’s body are tryptophan, histidine, methionine, threonine, valine, lysine, isoleucine and phenylalanine. Puppies require an extra amino acid called arginine.

Dog Food Dangers

This is why it is of utmost importance that your puppy should only be fed quality dog food. The popular method of feeding today is in the dry kibble form. The benefits of using complete kibble type foods lies in the fact that it is very convenient, needs no preparation, and contains all the nutrients the dog needs in one handy bag. It must be said that generally the price reflects the quality of the food. The ingredients are listed on the bags but again this may be confusing, as quoting a percentage of chicken does not mean this protein comes from high quality chicken meat! Do some research or ask your vet to recommend the best brand to suit your puppy.

The first commercial dog food was a biscuit product, introduced in England in 1860. A man called James Spratt, an American, was in London trying to sell lightning rods. He noticed sailors feeding dogs left over ship’s biscuit. He had the idea to produce a dry biscuit food, from beetroot, wheat meal, vegetables and meat. His formula was based on guesswork rather than science. His company thrived, mostly by selling his product to English ‘country gentlemen’ to feed their sporting dogs.

Sometimes your dog may need additional protein, due to slow growth, poor coat, or for general body composition. Your vet may suggest that you feed the dog a supplement or change to a high protein food. Foodstuffs containing cereal proteins have little biological value compared to eggs and meats such as liver, kidneys, and heart. Supplements in the form of Brewers Yeast or dried liver and lung can be given. Brewers Yeast is protein rich and also contains a wide array of the B vitamins and minerals which are excellent for a shiny, silky coat.

Veterinary Secrets Revealed

On a final note, we feel it is our duty to warn people of the modern day pet food industry which is generally focussed on profits above the health of dogs. There have been many investigations and reports of the major pet food companies putting some awful ingredients into pet foods. When you think about the low grade offal which is thrown into human processed foods such as pasties, pies, sausages etcetera, it is logical to assume that the same is occurring in the pet food industry, in fact on a much worse scale. Reports of saw dust, ground bones, feathers, manure and other unsavoury and certainly unhealthy ingredients being put into dog food are numerous and frequent.

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