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Introducing a New Puppy Into The Pack

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Introducing a new puppyPreparation is the key to a successful integration of the new puppy into your existing pack.

First things first, you must make sure that the new puppy has its own bed. We recommend you use a suitable sized crate to give the new puppy a safe and secure place to rest and somewhere to leave the puppy when the dogs are unsupervised.

It is a good idea to take your dog with you when you go to visit the puppy. Dogs are territorial by nature so it is best they meet each other away from the home. Let the breeder hold the puppy to avoid your dog becoming jealous and overly protective. Keep the meeting brief and relaxed.

While you are waiting for your new puppy to be able to leave its littermates step up the training with your existing dog. Sharpen up the down and stay commands. Remind your dog that you are the leader and expect nothing less than instant obedience. The more trust your dog has in your leadership qualities the more he will respect your authority when the new puppy joins the pack, and in turn you will reduce the likelihood of the older dog feeling threatened by the new addition to the family.

Introduce the puppy to your dog outdoors. Once your dog has had a good sniff around the new puppy place it in its crate and spend a few minutes playing with your existing dog. You want to give out a clear message that the newcomer is here to stay but this will not change your relationship with your adult dog. Once the dogs have met each other and puppy has settled in don’t be overly protective when the two dogs are together. If you prevent your older dog from properly subordinating the puppy it may well cause problems later on. This is not to say that you should allow your adult dog to be aggressive with the puppy. Remember…ultimately, this is YOUR pack and YOUR territory!

Use your leadership to enforce the ground rules from the beginning. The minute your puppy meets you he begins to evaluate you as the pack leader. Your job is to be a strong leader and show your existing dog that the puppy is a new pack member and any aggression towards the pup will not be tolerated. If you get this right, you will find aggression is not an issue and the older dog will find the new puppy as much fun as you do.

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Introducing a New Puppy To The Pack

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