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Belgian Shepherd Tervueren / Tervuren Breed

Belgian Shepherd Tervuren
This breed gets its name from the village of Tervueren in Belgium.

Other Names:
Belgian Tervueren, Chein de Berger Belge, Belgian Shepherd Tervuren

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Origin: Belgium

Breed Purpose: Herding and guarding.

Kennel Club Dog Group: Pastoral

Height: Bitch 56-61cm., Dog 61-66cm.

Weight: Bitch 27-32kg., Dog 29-34kg.

Lifespan: 12-14 years

Exercise Needs: The Tervueren Belgian Shepherd is a powerful, athletic dog that needs a large garden to run around in. This dog needs a great deal of daily exercise. Even in old age, the Tervuren is still a muscular athlete that needs to run free.

Diet & Feeding Needs: This is a dog with an insatiable appetite and an energy reserve to match!

Health Problems : The Tervueren is an extremely robust and healthy dog that has no major health issues. Minor complaints such as skin allergies and eye problems can appear in some breed lines.

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Physical Description: The overall appearance of the Tervuren is one of a well proportioned, muscular, beautiful dog. The skull is flat and is parallel to the muzzle. The eyes are small and almond shaped with an intense alert expression. The ears are triangular and erect and are set high on the head. The jaws are strong and the muzzle tapers to a black nose. The neck is strong and is carried proudly. The body is muscular and athletic looking with a deep chest and a slightly sloping topline. The legs are straight and are well boned and the tail is long and feathered. The coat is harsh and is medium to long with a dense, strong undercoat. The outer coat is straight and black tipped. This unique feature produces the characteristic black overlay of the coat. Coat colours range from warm fawn to fiery mahogany and russet red. All in all the Tervuren is an athletic looking dog that combines power and strength with natural beauty and elegance.

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Belgian Shepherd Tervuren Dog Breed Summary:

Like the other three Belgian Shepherd dogs, the Tervuren is seriously protective, intelligent and powerful.

Tervuerens need to be working and are used by the Police, Customs and Excise, Armed Forces and as guard dogs.

As a family companion, this dog must be worked whether that takes the form of Dog Agility, Schutzhund or Dog Obedience Trials or at the very least, a very imaginative owner with a strong focus in their daily life on dog obedience and dog training.

All Tervuren training must challenge the Tervuren’s mental and physical abilities. This dog is not well-suited to the novice dog owner, the elderly or appartment dwellers.

If the Tervuren's obedience and working abilities are not put to good use they can become bored, destructive and mentally unbalanced. The dog can then become a danger to its family and the general public purely through it having no certain function to its life, in which case the dog will almost definitely 'find' that role itself, by choosing to guard property and people whom it is close to.

This is unfair and is not justified because all the dog needs is a competent owner that is well-versed in all modern training issues and prepared to take the responsibility of owning such a loyal and protective dog seriously.

All in all, the Tervuren Belgian Shepherd is a dog of high energy, excellent working instincts and an intelligent mind that is often hidden beneath the sheer beauty of this wonderful breed.

The Tervuren is a superb creature, and it demands nothing less of its owner. In the right hands these dogs are a formidable and highly intelligent companion who will guard their family with their lives without question and without complaint.

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