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Border Collie Dog Breed

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Border Collie
A Border Collie called Rico has a vocabulary of more than 200 words and has proved that he can learn the names of new objects and remember them weeks later.

Other Names:
‘The shepherd’s dog’, ‘sheep dog’

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Origin: The Scottish/English borders, Great Britain

Breed Purpose: Herding sheep and cattle.

Kennel Club Dog Group: Herding

Height: Bitch 51-53cm., Dog 53-55cm.

Weight: Bitch 15-19kg., Dog 16-20kg.

Lifespan: 12-15 years

Exercise Needs: The Border Collie needs a great deal of physical exercise, though don't make the mistake many owners make of thinking that physical exercise alone will tire and condition this breed of dog. The Collie needs to have its brain exercised s much as its lightning legs! The Border Collie is highly intelligent and needs mental stimulation without which they easily become bored, depressed and sometimes destructive. Many owners keep their Border Collie fit by taking part in canine sports such as Dog Agility, Flyball and Dog Obedience competitions. The Border Collie is not a dog that will amuse itself in the back yard endlessly. If you include obedience training, stimulating games and mentally challenging exercises with your walks, your Collie will thrive and will bond with you as well as any breed known to man.

Diet & Feeding Needs: The Border Collie puppy must be fed correctly with a balanced diet without supplements. Poor diet as a puppy will result in health problems later on. They can become fussy eaters if they are given too many treats during the growing period of between 16 weeks and 10 months. Being a very intelligent breed, any feeding of tidbits on a regular basis will not be forgotten, and could cause this dog to permanently expect a seat at your table every dinner time!

Health Problems : The Border Collie is an exceptionally healthy dog. Some are prone to Collie Eye Anomaly, Epilepsy, and Deafness but generally speaking these are in the minority.

Physical Description: The Border Collie is a medium sized dog that displays agility and grace combined with intelligence and stamina. The trotting gait is smooth and the dog moves with strength and suppleness. It has a wide skull and a distinctive stop. The muzzle is tapered and the nose is black. The teeth come to a perfect scissor bite. The tail is long and held low, often being raised when excited but never curling over the back. The coat comes in a multitude of colours and lengths. There are smooth, short haired, flicked coated, and sleek long haired Border Collies.

dog course

There is even more variety in the colours. This breed can be tri coloured, blue merles, red/white, black/white, grey tri plus other combinations. The one colour that is not true to the collie is all white, which should never be the dominant colour. Merles often have one or both eyes coloured blue. The collie has what is called a “hypnotic eye” and can be seen with the eyes fixed in a bold stare, when working sheep or rounding up other animals. The Border Collie’s expression is one of alertness and intelligence. These are strong dogs and their bodies show it. They have powerful shoulder muscles and strong hindquarters. Overall the physical appearance should be one of a well proportioned, perfectly balanced and extremely agile dog.

The Border Collie Owner's Guide eBook

Border Collie Dog Breed Summary:

The Border Collie has evolved from originally being a working farm dog.

This remarkably gifted breed now works alongside man in many other ways such as in search and rescue duties, on airports and golf courses to scare birds, and it is by far the most successful breed when competing in canine sports.

The Border Collie dog is so intelligent that they can learn countless commands and perform many tricks with ease and precision. They are highly active, affectionate and versatile dogs who want nothing more than to please their owners.

Border Collies are true workaholics and possess an immense desire to learn. They are however very sight and sound sensitive so can easily become nervous and depressed if treated harshly.

The Border Collie is not ideally suited to someone who has little time to spare for the massive physical and mental stimulation that this dog needs.

Any potential owner needs to examine their lifestyle carefully and research the breed in detail, before choosing a dog like the Border Collie.

This was the primary reason why the first Breed Owners Guide eBook we produced was for the Border Collie, and it is also intended for those considering buying a Border Collie in order to make sure they don't make a mistake which could be very distressing for both themselves and the dog if the choice is not made correctly and in the full knowledge of just how demanding it can be to own a Border Collie dog. (Border Collie eBook)

More Border Collies end up in rescue shelters than any other single breed of dog. This says a lot about modern lifestyles and how incompatible they can be without a lot of care and attention being made by owners to give their Border Collie a ‘dogspace’ inside their modern human lifestyles, where it can thrive and be as close to a working dog as possible whilst still remaining an enjoyable family pet. It also shows how lacking the general public is in getting to grips with effective Border Collie training.

The Border Collie is one of our favourite breeds, but dog training and obedience are a must if you are to have a trouble-free experience with a Border Collie.

PLEASE make an informed decision before purchasing a Collie puppy or getting an adult rescue dog. Even more importantly, if you are already an owner of this superbly intelligent breed, you simply MUST discover the history and special skills hidden within this 'black and white rocket'! Click the Book Image below for more information and learn how to handle the amazing but sometimes challenging mind of your Collie...

The K9Obedience Guide to the Border Collie
Learn what it takes to be a good Border Collie owner, and how to take control of this sometimes difficult breed in our
Border Collie Owners Guide

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