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Bullmastiff Dog Breed Profile

In 1924 the Bullmastiff was produced by crossing the English Bulldog with the large English Mastiff.

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Origin: England

Breed Purpose: Bred to assist gamekeepers to track, tackle and hold poachers.

Kennel Club Dog Group: Working

Height: Bitch 61-66cm., Dog 63-69cm.

Weight: Bitch 45-54kg., Dog 50-60kg.

Lifespan: 9-10 years

Exercise Needs: The Bullmastiff does not need much exercise and can be slightly lazy, though only some of them, the others can be extremely active, mostly depending on the first few months of their life with their new owner. Provide regular daily exercise to keep the dog fit and healthy. Do not over-exercise puppies to avoid bone and joint problems later on in life. Never exercise thirty minutes before and two hours after eating to avoid GDV (Bloat).

Feeding Needs: This dog has a demanding appetite. They are slow to mature and as young dogs they have special dietary requirements. Seek advice from the breeder or a veterinarian. Feed three small meals per day to avoid bloat.

Common Ailments: The Bullmastiff is prone to hip dysplasia, tumours, cancer, eyelid problems, Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA), heart problems and boils on the lips. The most common cancers are: Mast Cell Tumours, Lymphoma/Lymphosarcoma, Hemangiosarcoma, and Osteosarcoma. Common heart problems are: Valvular disorders, Cardiomyopathy and Sub Aortic Stenosis. The Bullmastiff also suffers with kidney disorders such as: Glomerulonephritis, and Renal Amyloidosis.

Physical Description: The overall appearance of the Bullmastiff is of a powerfully built dog with a good-natured temperament. The head is broad and wrinkled with a short square muzzle. The eyes are dark and medium sized with an alert expression. The ears are v-shaped and are dark coloured. The neck is muscular going down to a short, muscular body with a level topline. The tail is set high and reaches the hocks. The coat is rough, short and the coat colours are brindle, fawn or red with black markings on the muzzle and the ears.

Bullmastiff K9 Obedience Dog Breed Summary:

The Bullmastiff is an excellent guard dog which generally will not attack an intruder but will knock them down and hold them until the owner arrives, however don’t bank on this and a loose angry mastiff of any kind is something which generally is to be avoided for obvious reasons!

They are docile dogs that are fearless and have strong protective instincts for their family. They tolerate the family’s children but dislike strangers. They adore human companionship and do not do well in kennels as they need to be at the heart of the family.

The Bullmastiff is not the right dog for a novice dog owner. They need an owner that can assert authority over them WITHOUT mistaking this for toughness or harshness as that will have terribly undesirable results. They also need an owner who is well-versed in advanced dog training methods.

Bullmastiffs are sensitive to the tone of their owner’s voice and do not like anger or impatience. They need firm and consistent training.

These are not particularly easy dogs to care for. They have many health issues, they drool, they dislike hot and humid weather and ideally shouldn't live in small spaces such as appartments.

Anybody that is considering choosing a Bullmastiff would be well advised to do extensive research into the breed and be totally confident of their own ability to train the dog and be able to physically restrain them if ever the need arose, not a task many people I have met are totally capable of, though it is certainly a lot of fun trying!
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