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Cairn Terrier Dog Breed Profile

Cairn Terrier
The Cairn Terrier derived its name from the Gaelic word ‘cairn’ which means rock piles.

Other Names:

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Origin: The Isle of Skye, Scotland, Great Britain

Breed Purpose: To hunt foxes, badgers, rats and other small vermin.

Kennel Club Dog Group: Terrier

Height: Bitch 28cm-31cm., Dog 28cm-31cm.

Weight: Bitch 6kg-7 ½ kg., Dog 6kg-7 ½ kg.

Lifespan: 9-15 years

Exercise Needs: The Cairn is quite happy to run around in the yard and only needs one walk a day to keep him healthy, though all dogs will enjoy a lot more than that. They also love to swim.

Feeding Needs: The Cairn Terrier is an easy and non fussy dog but can have a tendency towards obesity, though that is more to with the type of owners they usually have than the breed actually having any dietary problems. Only feed the recommended amounts.

Common Ailments: This is a very healthy little dog with few breed health problems.

Physical Description: The Cairn Terrier has the look of a dog that was built to work. Alert and agile, they are strong, sturdy looking dogs. The head is small but is well proportioned. There is a clear furrow between the eyes with a noticeable stop. The Cairn has small, upright, pointed ears, slightly sunken eyes and a powerful muzzle with a scissor bite. They have a short tail carried upright but not curling over the back. They are double coated with an abundant outer coat and a short soft undercoat. The colours are wheat, red, grey/black or a brindle of these colours but never solid black or solid white. They move with a free gait.

Cairn Terrier K9 Obedience Dog Breed Summary:

The Cairn Terrier is a funny, cheeky little dog that loves to play with children. They adore playing games and will caper around like mad, making everyone laugh.

They are extremely sociable with other dogs, with whom they love to play. On the downside this dog has not forgotten its breed purpose and any chance they get, they will dig to find rats or mice. Anyone whose garden is their pride and joy will not be amused to find large holes everywhere!

The Cairn must be taught to be obedient as they can become a little bossy being Terriers after all!

In times gone by this little dog would also hunt wild cats that lived amongst the cairns, so they view household cats with suspicion. This can be corrected with proper training.

The Cairn Terrier is an ideal dog for anyone with a love of the outdoors and affectionate enough to give this little dog the attention it needs. If they are neglected, or badly treated, they become withdrawn and depressed.

They are an excellent pet for the elderly because they are so easy to care for and make great companion dogs.
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