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Chinese Crested Dog Breed Profile

Chinese Crested Dog
The Chinese Crested dog comes in two types; the Hairless and the Powder Puff. Both types can appear in the same litter.

Other Names:
Chinese Edible Dog, Chinese Ship Dog, Chinese Royal Dog

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Origin: China

Breed Purpose: Early Chinese Crested dogs were used on ships to kill rats. Later bred as a companion dog.

Kennel Club Dog Group: Toy

Height: Both 30cm.

Weight: Both not exceeding 4.5kg.

Lifespan: 10-12 years

Exercise Needs: The Chinese Crested enjoys a walk but can get enough exercise playing games in the garden.

Feeding Needs: This little dog will eat anything! They love natural home prepared diets such as rice, vegetables and cooked meat or fish. These dogs have extremely poor dentition and should not be given bones or anything hard to eat. Supplements should only be given on veterinary advice.

Common Ailments: The Chinese Crested is a reasonably healthy dog with few health issues. They do have poor dentition and often have an incomplete set of teeth. The hairless variety has forward pointing canine teeth (tusks) which soon fall out as do many of the other teeth. The Powder Puff has normal teeth. The Hairless is also prone to skin cancer so a sun screen should be applied even if the dog is only outside for a short time. The Hairless is sensitive to the cold and needs to wear a coat in winter.

Physical Description: The Chinese Crested is an unusual looking dog and is one of the few hairless breeds only having hair on the top of the head, the tail and the feet. The Powder Puff variety has long soft hair that falls in a silken veil and a soft undercoat. The head is slightly rounded with an elongated skull. The cheeks are lean and well-chiselled and they taper towards the muzzle. The eyes are dark and prominent and the ears are long and erect. Powder Puffs have dropped ears. The neck is long and elegant going down to a long, supple body with a wide deep chest. The shoulders are well angulated and the front legs are set well under the body. The hind legs are set well apart, strong and long. This dog has a “hare’s foot” rather than the cat like foot of most of the other breeds. The tail is set high and is long and tapering with no curl. It is carried straight out when moving. The coat comes in all colours and colour combinations.

Chinese Crested Dog K9 Obedience Dog Breed Summary:

The Chinese Crested will attract attention wherever it goes with its unusual appearance and playful, happy attitude.

Children adore this dog with its crest of hair and its hairy 'boots'.

This dog loves to play games and is a natural comic as it capers around or stands on its back legs. They are sociable, intelligent, affectionate and easy to train. They can adapt to any home environment and will suit single people, active retired people or a busy family.

They do need a lot of fuss and attention and love to be cuddled. Their skin does need extra care but apart from that both types are easy to care for and are very clean in the home.

The Chinese Crested makes a lively, lovable companion for anyone that can shower him with love and affection.
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