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Clumber Spaniel Dog Breed Profile

Clumber Spaniel
The Clumber Spaniel takes its name from Clumber Park, the home of the Duke of Newcastle and was the “darling” of the British aristocracy.

Other Names:

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Origin: England

Breed Purpose: The Clumber Spaniel was bred to hunt and retrieve small game and water fowl.

Kennel Club Dog Group: Gundog

Height: Both 41-51cm.

Weight: Both 25-39kg.

Lifespan: 10-12 years

Exercise Needs: Clumber Spaniel puppies grow rapidly and are very active. As adults these dogs need at least one long walk a day. The Clumber needs to exercise in fields and woods so it can snuffle around and follow trails. This gives the dog mental stimulation but they do have a tendency to run off so must be trained to the recall. The Clumber is a great swimmer and loves to retrieve from water.

Feeding Needs: The Clumber will eat just about anything which doesn’t negate the need for a careful diet. Only feed this dog the recommended quantities and avoid giving too many treats to prevent the dog from becoming obese. Supplements should only be given on veterinary advice. This dog thrives on a natural home prepared diet. Lamb, rice and vegetables will help to prevent allergies.

Common Ailments: As with most Spaniel breeds, the Clumber is prone to ear infections so care must be taken to keep the ears clean and dry. Some are susceptible to Panosteitis, (juvenile lameness) and hip dysplasia. They are also prone to cataracts and other eye problems and flea and skin allergies.

Physical Description: The overall appearance of the Clumber is one of a well proportioned, strong dog with a thoughtful pensive look. The head is large and square with a broad deep skull and a pronounced stop. The muzzle is heavy and square. The eyes are deeply set showing a small amount of haw and a thoughtful gaze. The ears are large and vine leaf shaped, hanging slightly forward and covered with thick hair. The neck is long and thick going down to a long, low-set body with a deep chest and well-sprung ribs. This dog has strong, powerful shoulders; straight well-boned front legs and muscular hind legs with low hocks and well angulated stifles. The feathered tail is set low. The coat is dense, straight, flat and silky. The coat colours are white with lemon markings or white with orange markings. All in all the Clumber Spaniel is a strong looking working dog with a thoughtful gaze.

Clumber Spaniel K9 Obedience Dog Breed Summary:

Despite this dog’s mournful, sleepy expression, the Clumber Spaniel is a cheerful dog that loves to fool around and has plenty of stamina.

They can lie half asleep for hours and the leap up full of energy at the sound of their lead jangling. They have an excellent nose and can be trained to track, find and retrieve any object.

The Clumber Spaniel is an easy dog to train as his nature is so biddable. However they do not like conflicting commands. Flapping the hands around to direct this dog will only confuse and stress him. Use clear and consistent vocal commands.

Make use of the dog’s natural talent for retrieving by throwing a ball in a lake and sending him to retrieve it. The Clumber Spaniel is an excellent swimmer and this form of exercise stimulates him mentally as well as physically.

The Clumber can live in a city as long as he is taken into woods and fields to exercise as this is a rural dog at heart. Clumber Spaniels are patient and gentle with children and can easily be trained to accept other pets. They are good with other dogs and love having a playmate around.

The Clumber Spaniel is easy to train and a joy to own. This dog will suit anyone that can give him a loving home complete with the exercise he needs, and the training which he will always love, if done with patience and gentleness.
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