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English Setter Dog Breed Profile

English Setter
When working, the English Setter never forgets what it has been trained to do.

Other Names:
Setter, Laverack Setter.

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Origin: England

Breed Purpose: The English Setter was bred with a powerful sense of smell to sniff out Snipe, Woodcock and other gaming birds in dense undergrowth.

Kennel Club Dog Group: Gundog

Height: Bitch 61-65cm., Dog 65-68cm.

Weight: Bitch 20-32kg., Dog 25-36kg.

Lifespan: 13-14 years

Exercise Needs: Highly active dogs needing regular daily exercise, the majority of which should be off lead. This dog loves swimming.

Feeding Needs: Generally the Setter has a good appetite, and will eat dry or tinned food as long as it is of good quality.

Common Ailments: The English Setter’s ears are prone to infections and must be kept clean and dry. A small percent of Setters are prone to deafness, thyroid problems, and skin complaints.

Physical Description: This is a moderately sized dog with a good strong body shape. The head is held high and has a defined stop. The eyes are oval shaped and are coloured hazel through to dark brown. The ears lie in folds near to the cheeks. The Setter has a long neck leading down to a long body with well-sprung ribs. The legs are widely spaced with angulated stifles. The tail is set in line with the body and is held slightly curved upwards. The coat is long and silky and comes in a variety of colours such as black/white, (blue belton) orange/white, (orange belton) lemon/white, (lemon belton) liver/white and tri coloured. The English Setters overall appearance is one of elegance, beauty and strength.

English Setter K9 Obedience Dog Breed Summary:

The English Setter is intelligent, spirited and possesses a tremendous sense of smell.

They form strong bonds with their owners and willingly obey commands. They thrive living outside in a kennel and do not like to be left alone indoors for long periods.

They are good with visitors and the elderly and they love children and will tolerate being fussed over and played with. Any potential owner needs to be fit and active with a great love for the outdoors to give the Engilsh Setter the exercise it needs.

Sound training is needed to keep control of this working dog. Overall a wonderful family pet with grace and beauty to match any other dog breed.
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