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Finnish Spitz Dog Breed Profile

Finnish Spitz
The ancestors of the Finnish Spitz dog hunted polar bear and elk.

Other Names:
The Barking Bird Dog, The Finnish Pricked Eared Dog, The Fox Dog

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Origin: Finland

Breed Purpose: To hunt game birds and as a guard dog.

Kennel Club Dog Group: Hound.

Height: Bitch 39-45cm., Dog 43-50cm.

Weight: 14-16kg.

Lifespan: 12-14 years

Exercise Needs: As much as possible. The Finnish Spitz especially loves swimming.

Feeding Needs: No specific food requirements. A spoonful of organic sunflower oil a day makes the coat shine. This dog has a moderate appetite.

Common Ailments: The Finish Spitz is a robust, healthy dog. The females can have difficulty giving birth.

Physical Description: This dog’s whole appearance reflects his lively nature. The head is fox like with a slight arch to the forehead. The muzzle is narrow, the lips are tight and the jaws are very strong. The Finish Spitz has cocked and sharply pointed ears. The neck is muscular and is covered with a ‘ruff’ of hair. This dog has straight forelegs with hind legs that are slightly angulated. The tail is a distinctive feature of the dog as it is plumed and curled over the back. The weather resistant coat is short and dense on the head and limbs and is longer on the body and shoulders. The undercoat is pale in colour and is very soft. The striking colours of the Finnish Spitz range from reddish brown to red gold, with lighter hair in the ears, on the face and the paws.

Finnish Spitz K9 Obedience Dog Breed Summary:

Despite being small, the Finnish Spitz is a strong hunting dog with a beautiful ‘golden syrup’ coloured coat and a foxy expression.

Strong willed and very vocal, the Finnish Spitz is never servile which is why he makes an excellent guard dog.

This dog is exuberant, dynamic, brave and as wily as a fox! Consistent and firm training is needed. The dog will learn quickly as long as the owner isn’t heavy handed.

The Finnish Spitz needs to be taught not to bark, or the owner will have some very disgruntled neighbours.

Because of the dogs boisterous nature this is not a suitable dog for the elderly or a family with very young children.

The ideal owner must be strong, active and an extrovert and must be prepared to go outdoors in all weather conditions as the Finnish Spitz loves the cold, wet outdoors.
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