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French Bulldog Dog Breed Profile

French Bulldog
Originally developed in England and imported to France, this dog was then bred with French terriers and the resulting dog was named the French Bulldog. This angered the British as the Bulldog is a traditional symbol of England.

Other Names:
Bouledogue Francais, Frenchie

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Origin: France

Breed Purpose: First as a bull baiting dog then as a companion.

Kennel Club Dog Group: Utility

Height: Both, 30cm.

Weight: There are two separate weights. Both, 9-10kg or 10-13kg.

Lifespan: 10-12 years

Exercise Needs: The French Bulldog is a flat-nosed dog and should not be exercised during hot weather due to breathing problems. This dog enjoys a daily walk but can get enough exercise playing games in the garden. The French Bulldog does not like to swim and usually hates being bathed.

Feeding Needs: The Frenchie has a small appetite. It is very important not to overfeed this dog as if the abdomen becomes swollen it affects breathing. Obesity only leads to poor health and joint problems. The Frenchie thrives on a natural home prepared diet.

Common Ailments: The French Bulldog can suffer with eye and respiratory problems. The females have difficulty giving birth and need a Caesarean section due to the overly large heads of the puppies. This dog is often expensive to maintain because of high veterinary costs..

Physical Description: The overall appearance of the French Bulldog is one of a small but powerful looking dog that is compact and muscular. The head is large, broad and square with a flat skull and a domed forehead. The skin forms folds and wrinkles on the head. The eyes are low set, are placed wide apart and are round in shape. The ears are wide at the base and stand erect. The Frenchie has a wide short muzzle and deep square jaws that are undershot. The neck is strong and well arched going down to a short muscular body with a deep chest. The body is broader at the shoulders. The front legs are short and set wide apart. The hind legs are strong and muscular with well let down hocks. The hind legs are longer than the front ones which lifts the loins above the level of the back. The undocked tail is short and thick at the base and is set low. The coat is short, close and sleek. The coat colours are Brindle, (mixed brown and black) Pied, (white brindle with white being the dominant colour) and Fawn. All in all the French Bulldog is a strong looking dog with a steady, slightly aloof gaze.

French Bulldog K9 Obedience Dog Breed Summary:

At first sight this little dog can appear to be aggressive and unpredictable.

Whilst the dog has not forgotten its fighting heritage and will guard the family, they are actually extremely good-natured and well-balanced.

They are active, intelligent, lively and easy to control. They do not mind where they live and are quite happy in apartments, town or country.

Being near their owners is more important to them than their surroundings. This dog will play happily with children and can be trained to accept other pets.

The French Bulldog is a perfect family companion that takes the dog's health issues on board and can accept its loud snores!
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