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German Short Haired Pointer Dog Breed Profile

German Short Haired Pointer
This powerful, intelligent and distinguished pointer is admired by hunters as being the best all-round German hunting dog in the world.

Other Names:
GSP. German Short Haired Pointing Dog. Deutsche Kurzhaar.

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Origin: Germany

Breed Purpose: An all round hunting dog.

Kennel Club Dog Group: Gundog

Height: Dog, 59cm 64cm. Bitch, 53cm 58cm

Weight: Dog, 25kg 32kg. Bitch, 20kg 27kg

Lifespan: 12-15 years

Exercise Needs: The GSP is a tireless, energetic dog that needs vast amounts of daily exercise. Even the most active family should not choose this breed unless they can meet its physical needs which must include using its working abilities. Never exercise before or after meals, as GSPs are very susceptible to Bloat.

Feeding Needs: The breed has no special nutritional requirements and thrives on a natural home-prepared diet. Food and water bowls should be raised 12-16 inches off the ground to avoid Bloat.

Common Ailments: Generally these dogs are a robust and hardy breed with few health issues. Some may be prone to Epilepsy, Hermaphrodism and Lymphedema.

Physical Description: The overall appearance of this dog is one of an aristocratic, well-balanced and elegant hunting dog. The head is chiselled and the length of the muzzle is the same as the length of the skull. The eyes are almond shaped with an intelligent expression. The broad ears are set high and lie close to the head. The body is strong and muscular with well-sprung ribs and a short level back. The tail is lifted when in motion. The coat is short and dense and the coat colours are solid liver, liver with white spots or ticking, solid black, black and white with white spots or flecks.

German Short Haired Pointer K9 Obedience Summary:

The German Short Haired Pointer is a perfect hunting dog that points, retrieves and hunts at a gallop. They can spend a whole day working in all weathers and in difficult conditions and still never tire.

They have no fear of icy, fast flowing water or dense thickets with brambles and gorse.

Such are the exercise requirements of this dog that to own one you must be either a hunter or someone that can work the dog to its full potential.

German Short Haired Pointers are intelligent, affectionate and talented but can also be stubborn and over-eager. These dogs cannot be shut away for long periods and should have constant access to the garden.

They require an owner that has a good understanding of the breed's requirements and is experienced in positive reward-based training in order to teach this dog what is required, and to avoid the dog taking on its own roles in life, which it will do if it is not given a chance to show off its immense working abilities.
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