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Giant Schnauzer Dog Breed Profile

Giant Schnauzer
The Giant Schnauzer is a true “Velcro” dog that has an instinctive desire to be with its owner all the time.

Other Names:
Munich Schnauzer

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Origin: Germany

Breed Purpose: Originally bred as a cattle dog. Later used as a police and military dog and a guard dog.

Kennel Club Dog Group: Working

Height: Dog, 66cm-71cm. Bitch, 58cm-66cm.

Weight: Dog, 27kg-36kg. Bitch, 25kg-34kg .

Lifespan: 11-12 years

Exercise Needs: The Giant Schnauzer has outstanding abilities as a versatile working dog and as such needs massive amounts of daily exercise without which the dog will literally bounce off the walls and become difficult to control. They will jog or run beside their owners for miles and still want a long play session. Even in the bleakest of weather conditions this dog will expect plenty of exercise as its harsh coat makes the dog very hardy. Definitely not a dog for the couch potato.

Feeding Needs: The Giant Schnauzer is an undemanding dog to feed and thrives on a home prepared diet. Quantities should equate to the amount of exercise the dog needs. Care should be taken to limit exercise before and after feeding to prevent Bloat, a common problem in large breed dogs, especially this one.

Common Ailments: These dogs are prone to cancer especially toe cancer. Other health issues include autoimmune diseases and Crohn's disease.

Physical Description: The Giant Schnauzer is a powerful-looking dog with the unmistakeable distinct features of a hairy head, bushy eyebrows and a wiry beard. The head is strong, elongated and rectangular. The line of the powerful muzzle is parallel to the top line of the skull. The jaws are strong, the ears are medium length and set high and the eyes are oval and deep set. The neck is strong and well arched going down to a compact muscular body. The tail is set moderately high. The coat is hard, wiry and very dense with a soft, protective undercoat. The coat colours are pure black and salt and pepper. The striking appearance of the Giant Schnauzer shows a powerful but agile working dog.

Giant Schnauzer K9 Obedience Dog Breed Summary:

The Giant Schnauzer is an instinctively intelligent dog that is capable of thinking for itself and interpreting situations and acting on instinct without guidance from its owner.

They are loyal, calm and loving dogs if their huge exercise requirements are catered for. If not these dogs can become very dominant and uncontrollable in the wrong hands.

They need an owner that is well versed in training methods and can be firm, consistent and dedicated to a strict training regime.

For these reasons the Giant Schnauzer is not suitable for the novice dog owner or anyone that cannot establish themselves as a strong leader.

In the right hands these large dogs can excel at working trials and bitework, as well as police dog tasks and protection training. All of this can only be attempted after a solid foundation of unwavering obedience training and reliable recalls.

A wonderful but often misunderstood dog that is highly protective of its family.
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