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Gordon Setter

Gordon Setter
The Gordon Setter was first bred in Scotland in the 1600’s. The breed was later made popular by the Duke of Gordon around the late 1700’s.

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Origin: Scotland

Breed Purpose: Hunting fowl such as Pheasants and Quail.

Kennel Club Dog Group: Gundog

Height:Dog, 61cm-69cm. Bitch, 58cm-66cm

Weight: Dog, 25kg-36kg. Bitch, 20kg-32kg

Lifespan: 10-12 years

Exercise Needs: As with all working dogs the Gordon Setter needs plenty of daily exercise to maintain peak physical and mental condition. The Gordon Setter has retained all its strong hunting instincts and if off lead has a tendency to put it’s nose to the ground and run off following trails. These dogs do well taking part in obedience trials and agility. If given inadequate exercise these dogs will become restless indoors and may develop behavioural problems.

Feeding Needs: The Gordon Setter thrives on a natural home produced diet. Feed two or three small meals per day as this dog can be prone to Bloat.

Common Ailments: Generally the Gordon Setter is a healthy robust dog with few common ailments. Hypothyrodism is fairly common within the breed but can be successfully treated with medication. Some may be prone to eye disease such as Progressive retinal Atrophy (PRA) and cataracts.

Physical Description: The Gordon Setter is a good-sized and robust dog which is well-muscled but upstanding and stylish. The head is large and finely-chiselled with a square muzzle. The long ears lie flat against the head and the dark brown eyes are oval shaped. The strong back has a slightly sloping topline to the withers with well sprung ribs and a deep chest reaching to the elbows. The tail is thick at the root tapering to a fine point. The coat can be straight or wavy and has profuse feathering on the legs, underbelly, ears and tail. There is only one coat colour which is black with clearly defined tan markings that do not mix in with the black hairs. Overall the Gordon Setter is a striking hunting dog that is well-balanced, elegant and moves with a smooth, free flowing gait.

Gordon Setter K9 Obedience Dog Breed Summary:

This striking gundog needs plenty of exercise for it to be comfortable within the role of a companion dog. They are great “talkers” and have a wide range of sounds which they use to express themselves particually when excited or at the sight of the food bowl.

Any potential owner needs to be aware of this trait as the dog does have a large vocabulary. The Gordon Setter is renowned for being good with children as they have instinctive protective instincts towards the young. They will remove themselves away from an unruly child rather than frightening them by snapping or growling.

This dog will remain forever a puppy and needs firm but fair training to curb its boisterous nature without breaking their spirit. They are intelligent, loyal and alert dogs that become devoted to their family although they may be wary of strangers.

If introduced while young to small pets such as cats or gerbils, the Gordon Setter can learn to tolerate them. This dog can make a wonderful family dog as long as its high exercise needs can be catered for and the owner has a good knowledge of reward-based training methods with plenty of patience and fairness.
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