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Hungarian Puli Breed Profile

Hungarian Puli
The Hungarian Puli dog breed originated in the third millennium BC.

Other Names:
Puli, Carpet Dog

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Origin: The Carpathian Basin and the Hungarian Steppes

Breed Purpose: Originally bred to herd grey long horned bulls, buffaloes and rams. Later used for herding large flocks of sheep.

Kennel Club Dog Group: Pastoral

Height: Bitch 37-41cm., Dog 40-44cm.

Weight: Bitch 10-13kg., Dog 13-15kg.

Lifespan: 9-15 years

Exercise Needs: The Hungarian Puli is not fussy how and where he exercises. They love long country walks with lots of swimming and enjoy playing in the garden. Make sure the garden is enclosed with a high fence as these dogs are excellent jumpers.

Feeding Needs: The Puli has no special feeding requirements. The vet will suggest adding a supplement of vitamins and minerals needed to keep the dog’s coat in good condition.

Common Ailments: This dog is extremely hardy and has no health problems. Only buy puppies from breeders that have hip-scored and eye tested their stock.

Physical Description: The Puli’s distinctive feature is its coat. This dog will attract attention wherever it goes with its reggae style dreadlocks! The coat is corded, which results after a series of moults as follows:

  • Birth - The puppy has a short, wavy coat which is very shiny.
  • 8-12 weeks - The coat is thick and 4-8cm long.
  • 9 months - The adult coat has nearly formed and the undercoat of soft hair is beginning to cord or wrap around the more coarse top coat.
  • 2-3 years - The coat has finished growing and the dog has long cords of various lengths up to 18cm. The coat is extremely weather resistant.

The head of the Puli, if you can find it, is small with a strong muzzle and a round nose. The nose is black and the tongue, which is another distinctive feature, is bright red. The eyes which are hidden under the hair are dark brown and have a lively expression. The ears hang down in a rounded shape. Because of the nature of the coat the neck is not visible and if the dog is viewed sideways the body shape is square and blocky. The tail curls over the back and blends in with the overall square shape of the body.

Hungarian Puli K9 Obedience Dog Breed Summary:

This unusual looking herding dog is a wonderful family pet. He is happy, athletic, intelligent and easy to train.

Don’t be put off by thinking that the coat needs a lot of care. The reverse is true as the coat must never be brushed. The coat is self-cleaning so the dog should not be bathed. Washing the legs and underneath the dog when muddy is all that is needed.

The downside is that this breed does often smell very ‘doggy’ especially if they are frequent swimmers. A quick, daily check of the skin, ears, and eyes is recommended.

This dog is wonderful with children and just loves to make a fuss of everyone. They do need training, especially not to bark as they are very vocal dogs.

If the family are fun-loving, energetic people with a love of outdoor life then the Hungarian Puli can make a perfect pet and certainly a head-turner, if that’s your thing!

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