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Irish Setter Dog Breed Profile

Irish Setter
The Irish Setter's flame red coat turns heads wherever it goes.

Other Names:
Irish Red Setter

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Origin: Ireland

Breed Purpose: To point and retrieve gaming birds.

Kennel Club Dog Group: Gundog

Height: Bitch 61-66cm., Dog 66-71cm.

Weight: Bitch 25-29kg., Dog 29-34kg.

Lifespan: 11-15 years

Exercise Needs: The Irish Red Setter needs at least two hours exercise per day, preferably off lead, as this dog loves to run. Insufficient exercise makes the Irish Setter restless and nervous. A well trained dog is a perfect jogging or cycling companion. They also love to splash around in water.

Feeding Needs: This dog has no special food requirements. They thrive on a natural diet and especially love raw fruit such as apples and pears. To prevent Bloat, food and water bowls should be raised. Feed two meals per day rather than one big one and make sure that the dog does not run around immediately before or after eating. It is also advisable that the dog does not drink too much water after a meal to prevent the stomach rotating.

Common Ailments: They are generally healthy dogs but are prone to Gastric Dilation Volvulus (GDV) or Bloat. This condition afflicts this dog more often than any other breed. Some dogs suffer with Epilepsy and bone problems.

Physical Description: The Irish Setter is a regal, elegant dog that projects strength and power. The head is long with an oval skull and a noticeable stop. The muzzle is long and square. The eyes are medium sized, brown or dark hazel in colour, and shine with a gentle expression. The ears are medium sized and are set low, hanging in a fold. The neck is slightly arched and muscular going down to a strong body, a deep chest and well sprung ribs. The topline is slightly angulated with long sloping shoulders. The Irish Setter has long front legs and muscular, powerful hindquarters. The feet are quite small. The tail is set low, is of medium length, has a long fringe of hair, and is carried slightly lower than the body. The Irish Setter’s coat is its crowning glory. It is abundant, thick and glossy. The head, front of legs and the tips of the ears are covered with short hair but everywhere else the dog has long, flowing hair. The colour is amazing. It is rich chestnut through to mahogany that shines and sparkles in sunlight. In winter the Irish Setter has an abundant undercoat.

Irish Setter K9 Obedience Dog Breed Summary:

In general these dogs are extremely friendly and playful. They adore children with whom they are very gentle and they become devoted to their families.

The Irish Setter has a bad reputation for being dull and stupid. This is certainly not true as they are intelligent hunting dogs with quick, bright minds.

They are however often a little stubborn and difficult to train so any potential owner needs to understand all aspects of dog training.

As a puppy, the Irish Setter can be hyper-active and attention seeking and as adults they need huge amounts of exercise. This is certainly not the right dog for inactive families or anyone that intends to leave the dog alone for long periods.

The Irish Setter is a perfect dog for a fun loving family that enjoys the outdoor life, though be prepared for a highly strung dog which is often fun, but can be tiring for older owners.
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