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Irish Wolfhound Dog Breed Profile

Irish Wolfhound
The Irish Wolfhound is the tallest dog in the world and in times gone by could only be owned by Kings, Nobles and Poets.

Other Names:
Wolf dog of Ireland, Cu Faoil, The War Dog of Chieftains

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Origin: Ireland

Breed Purpose: To hunt stags, wild boar, wolves and elks.

Kennel Club Dog Group: Hound

Height: Bitch minimum 80-85cm., Dog minimum 85-90cm.

Weight: Bitch 105-125lbs., Dog 120-140lbs.

Lifespan: 6-8 years

Exercise Needs: Irish Wolfhounds do not need any more exercise than other hounds but they do need a larger area in which to exercise. They are sight hounds and will chase anything they see unless they are well trained. A large, fenced garden is a must. Puppies and young dogs must have regulated exercise to avoid bone problems as adults.

Feeding Needs: A strict diet regime is needed for young Irish Wolfhounds as they grow rapidly. Adhere to a natural diet following the breeders guidelines. These dogs are prone to Bloat (Gastric Dilation Volvulus) so should be fed twice daily. Keep food and water bowls raised to the correct height for the growing dog.

Common Ailments: Death in Irish Wolfhounds is commonly caused by Bloat, Bone Cancer, and Heart Disease. They also suffer with Von Williebrands Disease, an inherited blood disorder. As their growth rate is so rapid, their diet and exercise must be controlled to avoid serious bone and joint diseases as an adult dog. Female’s can have birthing problems.

Physical Description: The Irish Wolfhound is a huge dog and is the tallest of the hound group. They have an impressive appearance of power, muscles and strength. This dog is a sight hound of awesome proportions. The head is long with a slightly raised forehead and a long muzzle. The ears are small and the eyes are dark in colour. This dog has a long neck, a deep chest and a long, muscular body, with well sprung ribs and great breadth across the hips. The forelegs are heavily boned and the hind legs are muscular. The tail is long and curves upwards slightly at the end. The coat is coarse and wiry with stiff hair over the eyes and jaws. The colours are grey, brindle, black, white, fawn, wheaten, and red. Overall this dog is a magnificent, elegant hound portrayed in its huge, muscular body.

Irish Wolfhound K9 Obedience Dog Breed Summary:

It is often said that this is a breed most suited to being a family pet.

The Irish Wolfhound is famous for its gentle, laid back attitude. They love children and other dogs, though small children must be careful not to get knocked over by this gentle giant.

The Irish Wolfhound does make an excellent companion, of that there is no doubt, but is the family right for the dog? The potential owner needs to consider numerous points before deciding to choose this breed. These are not just gentle giants in their physical size. There are huge costs involved with owning this dog. The costs involve large food bills, veterinary bills, insurance bills and more.

They need large amounts of care, a large, fully fenced garden, and a large enough car to transport this beast around. Potential owners should ask themselves if they really want a dog whose head is higher than all the kitchen work surfaces and the dining table!

This dog needs firm training and if you are walking in all weathers, they are big dogs to dry and clean. The Irish Wolfhound is a sight hound and will often suddenly chase off after anything it sees as game for a chase!

The owner must have the strength and commitment to be able to train this dog, especially to walk on a lead as an Irish Wolfhound that pulls will soon have an owner flying through the air.

The massive size of this dog can be intimidating for visitors and young children.

All in all the Irish Wolfhound makes an excellent family pet for anyone that can provide a loving environment and meet all the demands that this gentle hound needs.
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