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Leonberger Dog Breed Profile

The Leonberger breed was developed by the Mayor of Leonberg by deliberately mating existing dogs with Pyrenean Mountain Dogs and St. Bernards.

Other Names:
'Leo' (Lion Dog)

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Origin: Germany

Breed Purpose: Companion and Guard Dog.

Kennel Club Dog Group: Working

Height: Bitch 61-74cm., Dog 74-80cm.

Weight: Bitch 45-59kg., Dog 59-77kg.

Lifespan: 8-9 years

Exercise Needs: The Leonberger does not need a huge amount of exercise, but they must be regularly given time to stretch their long legs and they adore long peaceful walks with the family. The Leonberger loves swimming and is a superb dog to watch in water.

Feeding Needs: The Leonberger should be fed twice daily as per the recommended breed quantities. Both food and water bowls should be raised to prevent bloat. This dog thrives on a natural, home prepared diet.

Common Ailments: The Leonberger is prone to hip dysplasia and other bone disorders. This can be avoided by checking the breeding lines and by only choosing puppies that have been hip-scored.

Physical Description: This is a huge, majestic and aristocratic dog breed, with colossal strength. Their distinctive feature is a black mask covering the face and reaching up to the eyes. The head is large and males have loose flews. They have brown eyes that view the world with a gentle expression. The ears hang down to the cheeks. The neck is strong, going down to a big, muscular body with a deep chest and well sprung ribs. The forelegs are well boned and the hind legs are muscular and covered with long hair. The tail is carried half mast and is also covered with long hair. The coat is coarse, long, flat, and there is plenty of it. The Leonberger has a thick undercoat. The colours are various shades of gold to red/brown. All in all the Leonberger is a colossal giant with a gentle disposition.

Leonberger K9 Obedience Dog Breed Summary:

The Leonberger is an ideal dog for anyone that lives in a mansion! This dog really does need a lot of space.

The Leonberger loves its family and everyone else as well. Children love this teddy bear of a dog that is quite happy to let them crawl all over him.

They are not easy dogs to care for because of their size. Big dogs mean big muddy paws and the males do tend to slobber. They do not come cheap either but maybe that's a good thing.

Food bills are high as are insurance and veterinary bills. Not everyone can cope with this size of dog following them around the home. They are truly lovable giants that will adore their family and guard them. After all the Leonberger's sheer size and its deep bark is enough to keep unwanted visitors at bay!

Leonbergers suit a family that lives in a large house with an equally large garden and one that has the time to both train the dog and give it the attention it needs.
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