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Lhasa Apso Dog Breed Profile

Lhasa Apso
The Lhasa Apso is said to be the
're-incarnation of Lamas who have not been able to enter the Nirvana'.

Other Names:
Lhasa's. The Lion Dog

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Origin: The city of Lhasa, Tibet

Breed Purpose: Companion and Guard Dog.

Kennel Club Dog Group: Utility

Height: Bitch 24-27cm., Dog 25-28cm.

Weight: Bitch 5.5-6kg., Dog 5.9-6.8kg.

Lifespan: 15-17 years

Exercise Needs: The Lhasa Apso does not need a lot of exercise. Playing in the garden suits this dog although all dogs benefit from the mental stimulation of something different as often as possible.

Feeding Needs: This dog is a small eater. It is important that they receive the correct amount of vitamins and minerals to keep the coat in good condition.

Common Ailments: These dogs are said to have iron constitutions and have no common diseases.

Physical Description: A well balanced, sturdy little dog, with a beautiful coat. They have the alert appearance of a good guard dog. The head has a narrow skull that falls away from the eyes, and is covered with long hair. The eyes are medium size and the ears are pendant and heavily covered with hair. The muzzle is straight and this dog has a reverse scissor bite. The neck is arched going down to a strong, well ribbed body with a straight topline. The forelegs are strong and covered with long hair. The hind quarters are well developed with good angulation. The tail is set high and carried over the back. This dog's distinctive feature is its coat. It is extremely long and flowing, and is straight and hard. The colour can be golden, sandy, smokey grey, dark grey, black, white or brown.

Lhasa Apso K9 Obedience Dog Breed Summary:

Surprisingly, this little dog is a fierce guard dog and a valuable mountain dog as they can detect an impending avalanche.

The Lhasa Apso has an impenetrable, aloof attitude with an air of calmness and tranquillity. They become deeply attached to their owners. They do like a peaceful, tranquil home and do not approve of noise and bedlam. They are good with children as long as the children are quiet and gentle as this dog does not take kindly to being pulled around.

It is said that owning a Lhasa is rather like owning a cat as they have similar temperaments. They are happy to live in an apartment, town or country as long as their needs are met. They do require a lot of grooming but many owners find that brushing this dog is quite therapeutic.

Overall, the Lhasa Apso makes a loyal companion for the elderly, single people or the more sedate family.
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