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Otterhound Dog Breed Profile

An Otterhound can swim for hours without stopping.

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Origin: England

Breed Purpose: To hunt Otters.

Kennel Club Dog Group: Hound

Height: Bitch 61cm., Dog 69cm.

Weight: Both 30-52kg.

Lifespan: 10-12 years

Exercise Needs: The Otterhound needs a lot of daily exercise and must be able to swim. If the Otterhound gets the scent of a prey they will run off so should only be off lead in a safe area. They do love to accompany joggers. If this dog does not get enough exercise it can be very restless indoors.

Feeding Needs: The Otterhound has no special food requirements. Water and food bowls should be raised to prevent Bloat. The Otterhound can quickly become overweight so care must be taken not to overfeed this dog.

Common Ailments: Generally very hardy and healthy dogs. Not particularly susceptible to illness, though epilepsy reported in some Otterhound breed lines.

Physical Description: The Otterhound's distinctive features are its bushy eyebrows and a shaggy, hairy face. They have a large wide head and dark deep set eyes. The muzzle and jaws are very powerful and are capable of a crushing grip on its prey. The ears are long and folded. The body is thickly boned and very muscular. The double coat is rough and dense with an oily, waterproof undercoat. The coat comes in all the hound colours except liver and white. Most common colours are wheaten or grizzle. The feet are webbed. The Otterhound has an extremely heightened sense of smell. This dog can smell if an otter has passed through water twelve hours before.

Otterhound K9 Obedience Dog Breed Summary:

The Otterhound was once a popular hunting dog but since the Otter became a protected species, this dog has become quite rare.

They are very friendly and become devoted to their family. They need a large, fenced garden with some shelter to lie in, and they are quite happy to be left outside.

The Otterhound can be good with older children but is far too clumsy to be near young toddlers. This dog does not generally like other pets. The Otterhound is quite difficult to train as they can be wilful and single minded.

Using harsh dog training methods has a negative effect on this dog as it does with all dogs. They need gentle but firm handling.

The Otterhound is more suited to a life in the country preferably with somewhere to swim and would suit an active, outdoor family.
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