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Pekingese Dog Breed Profile

The Pekingese is called the ‘Protector of Buddha' and long ago in China , peasants had to bow before this dog. The Peke is one of the oldest breeds in the world.

Other Names:
Peke, Peking Palasthund

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Origin: China

Breed Purpose: Bred as a companion to Chinese emperors and monks.

Kennel Club Dog Group: Toy

Height: Both 15-23cm.

Weight: Both 3.6-4.5 kg. Pekingese that weigh up to 2.7kg. are called ‘sleeve Pekingese' and ones weighing between 2.7-3.6kg. are called ‘mini Pekingese'.

Lifespan: 10-15 years

Exercise Needs: These dogs do not need a lot of exercise especially not in cold, damp weather. They do enjoy play sessions with their owners indoors.

Feeding Needs: The Pekingese is a modest eater but is inclined towards obesity so must never be fed too many treats. Do not feed this dog cakes or biscuits no matter how appealing he or she looks! The Pekingese should feel heavy when picked up unlike other small breeds.

Common Ailments: Prone to colds, heart and lung problems. Ulcerations are sometimes a problem, and can have problems giving birth.

Physical Description: The Pekingese is a small, sturdy and well balanced dog, with a dignified expression. The head is large with a broad skull and flat between the ears. The eyes are large, prominent and dark, but are not bulging. The ears are carried against the head and covered with long hair. The muzzle is wide and wrinkled. The neck is short going down to a short body with well sprung ribs and a distinct waist. The front legs are slightly bowed and the rear legs are firm. The tail is set high and curls slightly over the back in a long plume of hair. A distinctive feature of this dog is the coat which is very long with a luxurious mane spreading from the shoulders to form a ruff around the neck. The undercoat is very dense. There is feathering on the ears, legs, thighs, tail and feet. The Pekingese has a lion like appearance. They can be all colours and patterns except white. The Pekingese has a distinct rolling gait.

Pekingese K9 Obedience Dog Breed Summary:

This pint-sized dog is a true aristocrat which was bred to be a lapdog for emperors, imperial nobility and Chinese monks.

It is said that the Pekingese has been blessed with supernatural powers and is called ‘The Lion of Buddha'. Perhaps because of these Royal connections, this is a dog with a superior attitude.

It will not respond to being treated harshly and can become very stubborn. Once you have its respect, the Pekingese will remain your friend for life.

The Pekingese can be hypersensitive and can be troublesome as they depend heavily on being the centre of attention a lot of the time. They often do not like children or other pets of which they can be intensely jealous.

They need a lot of care and grooming. The size or whereabouts of the home does not matter to this dog. All the Peke wants is a warm cushion or lap and a quiet, serene environment.

The Pekingese breed is well suited for the quieter, more sedate family, retired people and the elderly.

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