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Pyrenean Mountain Dog Breed Profile

Pyrenean Mountain Dog
With a spiked collar round its neck, the Pyrenean Mountain Dog would guard flocks up high in the Pyrenees mountains from packs of wolves and bears.

Other Names:
Pyrenean. Royal Dog of France. Great Pyrenees. Chien de Montagne des Pyrenees.

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Origin: France

Breed Purpose: Guarding flocks.

Kennel Club Dog Group: Pastoral

Height: Dog, 69cm 81cm. Bitch, 63cm 74cm

Weight: Dog, 45kg 73kg. Bitch, 39kg 52kg

Lifespan: 9-10 years

Exercise Needs: The Pyrenean is not very active indoors but becomes quite energetic when out on a walk. They need at least one brisk walk a day most of which should be spent off lead.

Feeding Needs: As this dog's size would suggest, the Pyrenean has a large appetite. Quantities depend on how much exercise the dog has and care should be taken not to let the Pyrenean get overweight thus placing too much stress on the bones.

Common Ailments: These dogs are quite robust with few common health issues. Some are prone to hip dysplasia so only purchase puppies from reputable breeders whose stock has been tested.

Physical Description: This massive dog is powerful but well-balanced with a noble bearing. The large head forms a V-shape if viewed from above. The dark eyes are almond-shaped and the small ears are triangular and lie flat against the head. The body is muscular with a broad chest and a level topline. The hind legs have double dewclaws. The tail is thick at the base and tapers to a point. It reaches to the hocks and is thickly coated with long hair forming a plume. The coarse-textured coat is thick with a profuse undercoat of fine hair. The coat colours are white or white with wolf grey, pale lemon, orange or tan. The colour patches are on the head, ears and the base of the tail. Sometimes the coloured shading forms a full face mask. Only one in four dogs are pure white.

Pyrenean Mountain Dog K9 Obedience Breed Summary:

This versatile dog has assisted man since 2000BC.

They protect flocks, are excellent avalanche rescue dogs and are used as sled or cart dogs. They are also excellent family companions and will guard the home from intruders.

Needless to say these dogs do cost a lot to feed and any potential owner should first look to their bank balance before choosing the Pyrenean.

They are courageous, gentle and affectionate and become devoted to their family. They can be a bit too independent and stubborn so they need an owner that is fully-versed in positive reward-based training methods. They do tend to dominate owners that show weakness and inconsistency.

Despite having an abundant coat the Pyrenean only requires minimal care as the coat does not matt and dirt and debris can be shaken off. They are wonderful dogs for anyone that understands the breed's emotional needs, and bearing in mind what this dog was bred to do, you need to have an equally strong character to fully master the Pyrenean Mountain Dog.
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