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Schipperke Breed Profile

Popularity for this dog is declining in Europe but in the USA the numbers are on the increase.

Other Names:
'Moorke' (Little Moor)

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Origin: Belgium

Breed Purpose: To destroy vermin and to guard shops.

Kennel Club Dog Group: Utility

Height: Both 21-33cm.

Weight: Both 5.5-8kg.

Lifespan: 15-16 years

Exercise Needs: This little dog has great stamina and needs plenty of exercise. They are active indoor dogs and love to play in the garden. Lack of exercise will make this dog unhealthy, resulting in joint and respiratory diseases.

Feeding Needs: The Schipperke can be a greedy dog and is an expert beggar! Do not be tempted to give him treats, especially cakes or biscuits which will rapidly make him obese. Adhere to the recommended quantities and feed twice daily.

Common Ailments: The Schipperke is an extremely healthy breed with no common health issues.

Physical Description: The general appearance of this dog shows its working background. The Schipperke looks tough and solid and has an alert expression. The head is fox-like with a broad forehead and a flat skull. The eyes are oval shaped and dark brown in colour. The ears are small, triangular and are carried erect. The muzzle is long and the jaws are strong with a scissor bite. The front legs are straight and the hind legs are muscular. The tail is traditionally docked. The coat is coarse and short except around the neck, where it grows long and forms a mane. The Schipperke's coat colour is solid black.

Schipperke K9 Obedience Dog Breed Summary:

The Schipperke is a lively, intelligent, affectionate dog that becomes devoted to its owner. They make an excellent watchdog but are not aggressive.

This energetic little dog needs training from an early age as they can be hyperactive. They are very vocal and must be trained to stop barking on command or there could be complaints from the neighbours.

This is a dog that learns very, very quickly, and can be trained to do almost anything. Similar to the Border Collie, the Schipperke seems to know what is expected of him before the command is given.

They do not like to be left alone for long periods. If work commitments mean that the dog has to be left then the Schipperke must have the run of the house, (this dog is not destructive) and if possible access to the garden. This active little dog is not content to lie around snoozing all day and needs to keep moving.

The Schipperke will suit anybody, family or single people that are fun loving and creative. Possibly the elderly and more sedate families would find this dog's exuberance exhausting. Well suited to life in the town or country, an apartment or a house, the Schipperke will bring joy to everyone he meets.
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