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Weimaraner Breed Profile

Charles IX of France banished the Weimaraner from court by exclaiming;
“In truth, they are mad dogs; you can break an arm and a leg trying to keep them in check”.

Other Names:
Weimaraner Voerstehhund, Grey Ghost, Weim

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Origin: Germany

Breed Purpose: Pointer and all round hunting dogs.

Kennel Club Dog Group: Gundog

Height: Bitch 56-63cm., Dog 61-69cm.

Weight: Bitch 23-29kg., Dog 25-32kg.

Lifespan: 10-12 years

Exercise Needs: This dog requires plenty of daily exercise to maintain its muscle tone and will quickly become unhealthy if it does not get daily off lead walks. Retrieving balls and tracking games help to stimulate its mind and retain its hunting abilities.

Feeding Needs: The Weimaraner feeding requirements depend on whether the dog is used for hunting or not. Extra protein is needed for the working dog. Adhere to the recommended quantities for the breed to prevent obesity. They thrive on a natural, home prepared diet.

Common Ailments: The Weimaraner is generally a very healthy dog with few breed problems. They can be prone to hip dysplasia. Check that the breeder’s stock has been hip-scored.

Physical Description: The overall appearance of this dog is one of beauty, strength and stamina. The head is fairly long with a noble, aristocratic look. The cheeks are well defined without any wrinkled skin. The eyes can be dark amber or blue/grey. Puppies have blue eyes. The ears are broad and long and are set high on the head. The neck is slightly arched and is carried with a proud, noble bearing. The body is strong and muscular with a deep chest and well sprung ribs. The top line slopes slightly and the tail is thick and was traditionally docked. The coat is short and dense though on the long haired type the coat is wavy and much longer. The colour of the coat is this dog’s distinctive feature. It is a wonderful silvery grey, shades of blue grey or roe grey. The coat shines with a metallic sheen and is slightly greasy to touch. The Weimaraners aristocratic breeding shows through its magnificent appearance.

Weimaraner K9 Obedience Dog Breed Summary:

In the past only the aristocracy could own this dog as decreed by Emperor William I of Germany. Perhaps because of this, the dog has a distinct noble bearing and a unique appearance. However this dog is no fashion accessory and should not be treated as such. On the contrary the dog is an excellent all round pointing and hunting dog with strong working instincts. To deny the Weimaraner enough exercise will make the dog unhealthy in mind and body. These dogs are friendly, obedient, and gentle. They have an innate protective instinct and will guard the home diligently. They are easy to train and quick to learn as long as the owner is calm and patient. Any harsh tones or signs of impatience and this dog will become insecure, nervous and overly submissive. The Weimaraner loves children and is very gentle with the young and toddlers. They tolerate other pets if brought up together. The Weimaraner is not suited to apartment life but will live in towns if enough exercise is given. This dog does not like a home environment that is noisy or frantic but much prefers a quiet, more relaxed atmosphere. The Weimaraner would make a perfect companion for an outdoor loving family living in the country. In our experience, the character of the Weimaraner is extremely similar to that of the Doberman. Perhaps slightly less protective, but not a lot, so be well aware this is no toy, it is a very powerful and strong-willed dog which will usually be quite territorial and dominant, especially when confronted by anything ‘suspicious’. You determine what ‘suspicious’ means by the amount of socialising and training you do with your Weimaraner.
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