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Whippet Breed Profile

This dog was bred from the Greyhound, the Terrier and the Italian Greyhound to create a small dog that can run at speeds of up to 37mph.

Other Names:

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Origin: England

Breed Purpose: Bred for racing and to hunt rats and other vermin.

Kennel Club Dog Group: Gundog

Height: Bitch 43-44cm., Dog 46-47cm.

Weight: Bitch 5-9kg., Dog 8-12kg.

Lifespan: 12-15 years

Exercise Needs: This athletic sprinting dog needs plenty of daily exercise. Unless the dog is perfectly trained to the recall it is a calculated risk when letting off lead! The Whippet is a sight hound and as such will chase and kill any small animal it sees if not trained to stay close to its owner, and owing to the strong hunting instincts, this can be a challenge. A large, fenced in garden or paddock is a must for these dogs to be able to run free and let off steam. To deny this dog sufficient exercise will not only cause health problems but will also cause mental deterioration.

Feeding Needs: The Whippet has a small appetite and can be quite a fussy eater. Dogs that are used for racing need more protein than family pets. A vet will recommend a suitable vitamin and mineral supplement if required. Avoid giving too many treats which will make the dog reject its dinner.

Common Ailments: There are no genetic anomalies with this breed. Whippets can suffer with stomach upsets and mild skin problems but in general they are very robust and healthy. The Whippet cannot tolerate the cold weather and must wear a coat as the temperature falls or if it gets damp in winter. They love the radiator spot!

Physical Description: The overall appearance of this dog is one of a perfect balance of sheer power combined with elegance and grace. The head is long, flat on top and narrows to the muzzle. The jaws are strong with a perfect scissor bite. The eyes are oval shaped and shine with an alert expression. The ears are small and rose shaped. The Whippets neck is long going down to a strong, muscular body with a deep chest and well sprung ribs. The shoulder blades are muscular and reach the spine and the body is arched over the loins. The tail is long and thin and curves slightly upward but is never carried higher than the back. The coat is fine, short and dense and the colours can come in any form. This dog has legs designed for speed and propulsion. The Whippet has the overall look of a powerful athlete with undeniable aristocratic bearing.

Whippet K9 Obedience Dog Breed Summary:

This is an athletic racing dog with an extremely lively character. It can be prancing around one minute and asleep at your feet the next. The Whippet is intelligent, affectionate and gentle with a wonderful personality. They adore children and are always ready to play. This dog is easy to care for and is clean and obedient in the home. Training must start at an early age and should be implemented in a calm and consistent manner. This dog will not learn from an impatient owner or if the owner is using a harsh tone. They are very sensitive dogs that respond better to calmness combined with firm authority. Give the Whippet the respect it deserves and both dog and owner will enjoy a wonderful training relationship. The Whippet is probably not suitable for the elderly due to its high exercise needs but would make an ideal companion for an active family with a genuine love of the outdoors that can give this amazing dog the affection it needs.
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