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Welcome to the Dog Rescue Area. Owing to the disgraceful amount of ‘unwanted' dogs in dog rescue shelters all over the UK we thought we should dedicate an area of the site to the subject of unwanted dogs, dog abuse, neglect, and dog rehoming.

Dog Rescue Centres are constantly overworked and stretched to breaking point due to the sickening throw-away culture we seem to be living in these days in relation to dog ownership and people's idea of their responsibility towards their dog or puppy.

If you want to throw away an old pair of shoes you no longer like then that's fine, but to treat a dog like that is simply unacceptable, and we want to do everything we can to address this problem, and bring about a solution, slowly but surely for the thousands of unwanted and neglected dogs in the UK.

We are going to be featuring a lot of rescue dogs over the year on our Free Dog Forum to try to find homes for some wonderful but sadly mistreated or neglected dogs.

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We will also feature articles in this section of the site dedicated to some of the unsung heroes of the dog rescue world, those whose names you never hear, but who are working day and night to secure a better future for some of Britain's dogs.

We would like to publicly thank all those involved in this often thankless task, and we extend a hand of help to any rescue shelter who wishes to use our site to help their cause.

A particular THANK YOU is owed to Jayne Shenstone of German Shepherd Rescue who has worked for years to protect, rehome and generally care for hundreds of unfortunate German Shepherds. She is also the person who introduced me to my most recent canine friend, Troy, who came from Jayne one wet and windy day last year. Jayne is one of those people who quietly toil away working for a better life for many GSDs who have met with trauma or abuse. Having had 14 GSDs in her own household at once, Jayne is well-qualified to advise anyone on this breed, and particularly on rescuing a German Shepherd. For anyone who wishes to donate some money to a VERY worth cause, Jayne is the first person you should speak to.

If you know of a worthy canine cause, a dog rescue shelter or organisation which you would like to promote, raise awareness for, or generally write about on our site, please Click Here to submit content for publishing on our site. You can also contact us to ask us to publish details of any dog which you are attempting to rehome and we will try to help as much as we can.

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