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A young puppy has a very short attention span due to the amount of energy they will expend in literally just a few minutes. Therefore every session of training with a young puppy short be at a time when you are happy and full of energy yourself, and they should always be ‘short and sweet'.

That means each session should only take place while the puppy is listening and keen.

You will soon learn how to spot the exact second when his attention begins to diminish, and it is at this point that the toys should go away, you give the pup a nice stroke and then walk away. Just an hour later you will find he is back to being bouncy, attentive and keen, so you can then spend another few minutes training until he again loses interest slightly.

By training in short bursts in this way, you will guarantee that you are keeping the puppy attentive, enjoying the training and not viewing it with suspicion or fear.

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Puppy Training is "Play with Direction". Nothing more! Keep that in mind at all times, and above all, relax and enjoy the time, your puppy needs to feel safe and secure around you, so if you are calm and composed you will find you cover twice as much ground as you will by using ANY physical contact or harsh tones.

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